• Cannot authenticate Usernames mit German characters like üö

    Hello Support, AM 8.4 P9   i cannot authenticate Usernames mit German characters like üö. Security Console Monitor : Unable to rsolve user by login ID and/or alias, or authenticator not assigned to u...
    Helmut Luckas
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  • Authentication Manager changed product family?

    Hi,   I need to download an Authentication Manager upgrade package. But when trying to identify the product family I don't see Authentication Manager. Has the product name changed?   Thanks   Gerardo
    Gerardo Rojas
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  • How do I upgrade RSA Authentication Manager from 8.2

    Need to upgrade an 8.2 version of RSA Authentication Manager from current version 8.2 to the "Current" version of RSA Authentication Manager
    Charles Miller
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  • Using RDP Manager apps for RSASecurid

    Is there a way to have Windows Remote Desktop pass a user password, so they are only prompted for the SecurID?   The user enters their password when generating the connection, then the login screen prompts for S...
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  • NEED enable dual authentication ( password and RSA token both enable in linux )

    Could anyone help me for enable dual authentication , I did TOKEN only but I need user password plus token to implement!   thanks
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  • Problems with RSA AM Active Directory Users and Computers plugin

    I have successfully loaded the RSA plugin to Active Directory Users and Computers.  Some of my users, however, cannot access the RSA Token Management information.  I have verified that all settings are corre...
  • Is there a way to automatically perform the "Enable Logon Aliases" function once a new authentication agent has been added?

    Just curious as to whether or not this feature is available or if this process has to be manually performed. Thanks in advance.
    Anthony Boyer
    created by Anthony Boyer
  • Is there a way to automatically delete Unrestricted Authentication Agents that are no longer in use?

    We allow a number of Windows virtual workstations to authenticate to SecurID as Unrestricted Agents.  Many of the workstations are only used for several months and then are disabled.  Is there a way to have ...
    Frank Abt
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  • Determine if an account is locked via RSA SecurID Authentication API

    Hello,   I am currently building a java application that leverages the RSA SecurID Authentication API provided by the RSA Authentication Manager, version 8.4. (link to yaml: https://community.rsa....
    Ali Hussein
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  • AD Password in MFA SecurID Agent

    Hello, in the past we used the standard windows agent with Authentication Manager in order to protect rdp access. The use-case we had is that ONLY the first time a user enters his credentials and then the hardware o...
    Falco Dussault
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  • Regarding RSA upgrade

    Currently we are in version of 8.3 p01 but we planned to upgrade it to 8.4 p08 is it possible to upgrade it directly to that version through widows file server or we need to upgrade to any other version before upgradi...
    Divya lavanya chekka
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  • AM-32343 vulnerability details ?

    Dear all, we plan to upgrade a customer AM infra from 8.2 to 8.4 patch 9 A bypass vulnerability AM-32343 is corrected. any idea or informations to find details about this vulnerability ? is it related to a CVE ...
    Christian Berclaz
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  • Can the software token XML file be imported on two different mobile device?

    This question is about distribution of the software token XML file. The IT team send email containing the XML file for software tokens via SDTID (XML) format. Can the employee forward this email to multiple mobiles de...
    Seaver Zhang
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  • Chinese hacker group caught bypassing 2FA

    Hello,   I've been going through the recent news articles that are making its round on the internet regarding bypass of 2FA using the RSA SecurID tokens. Articles below:-   https://resources.fox-it.com/rs/...
    Gordon Mathias
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  • "Self Service Console URL" is an invalid URL - using a valid URL

    Hi all,   I've inherited the RSA Security Console role and wanted to get my Self Service portal up for my end users.  I'm currently working out of the Self-Service Settings: Customization > E-mail Notif...
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  • How do I connect with an account manager facilitator?

    I have several questions around design and configuration for this product. the product we have is Authentication Manager 8.4. However, there are several requirements for use that does not appear to be addressed. I nee...
    James Ferguson
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  • Need my AM licenses

    I need my AM licenses. Where do I find them ?????
    Ken Straub
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  • Problem authenticating from Checkpoint with software tokens

    Hello!   When we try to authenticate from checkpoint VPN with SecureID software tokens we receiving the following error in real time monitor: User “<user ID>" attempted to authenticate using authent...
    Andrey Trushin
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  • How to create an Administrative Role to delegate Radius clients administration for a sub-domain ?

    Hi Folks !   When trying to create a dedicated “Administrative Role” for “Radius Clients” administration delegation for a sub-domain, I cannot success in creating such a role. Please find...
    David Pala
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  • Upgrading RSA SecurID Access from v8.3.x to v8.4.x

    Can you upgrade the Primary RSA SecurID Access Instance to v8.4 and still have replicas on v8.3.6? 
    Ronald Elliot
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