• RSA Authentication Agent for Windows 7.4.3 wotk with Authentication Manager 7.1 SP4 ?

    Dear madam,sir,   Our development environment is using RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 SP4, Is it compatible with RSA Authentication Agent for Windows 7.4.3 ?   Thank you for your assistance
    Tenny Hui
    created by Tenny Hui

    I am facing an interesting error. My deployment consist of one primary and one replica instance and also I have webtier Installed.  I have imported soft-tokens and hard tokens. everything is working fine except&#...
    Zahid Yaqub
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  • RSA Agent Local Windows Login

    RSA Agent 7.4.3 Windows 10 AD envirement.           I have a remote user that is having issues with his MFA intermittely. I have tested multiple times and his offline days are...
    Jason Powers
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  • licensing

    where do I go to verify my licensing?  Is there a download available?
    Christopher Stanford
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  • Windows Remote Desktop and WAP

    Hi everyone, im looking for some advice on Windows Remote Desktop, RSA Auth Manager and MS WAP server.  I'm currently building a new solution which looks like below. (see attachment)  My plan is to install...
    Mike Clifford
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  • Authentication Agent API for Java 8.4 download inaccessible

    Dear Madam,sir,   We are user from Hong Kong Government.  We have an application making use of RSA appliance to verify users' access.  Our RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 SP4 was ins...
    Tenny Hui
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  • Missing sdmsg.dll file error during generating secureid file

    Dears  we tried to connect our RSA agent to RSA server using "authapi.jar " noting that we received the required files for RSA connections , but when we tried to generate the secureid file using ...
    Mohammad Alzarai
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  • RSA CAS - Office365 SAML integration (2 domains)

    Hi,   In the context of integration with office365 (Azure connect sync), I have the following question: (RSA CAS - SSO agent)   - When I prepare the scenario for the configuration for integration with o365...
    mauricio perez
    created by mauricio perez
  • RSA MFA integration with Cisco ISE

    Hi everyone,   I have the following question:   I have an RSA MFA environment (Cloud + 2 IDR), where I need to provide a second authentication factor for SSL VPN users (fortinet, checkpoint, ASA cisco, how...
    mauricio perez
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  • Forcepoint NGFW VPN

    Hello,   We have a Forcepoint perimeter next generation firewall which we would like to integrate its VPN service with the authentication manager.   I was wondering if this integration is supported.  ...
    Hassan Mehsen
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  • Business Continuity activate license

    We activated our Business Continuity license so employees could work from home during the pandemic. We're just shy of the 60 day mark and I thought I'd activate it again as our office plans to stay closed until June 1...
    Chris Peterson
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  • FIDO2 with MFA Windows agent

    Hello,   I have seen several videos and documents on how FIDO2 is used for RSA Cloud access in policies and Assurance Levels. I have a doubt. I have not understood if currently with RSA it is possible to use the...
    Falco Dussault
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  • AM 8.4 P 12 Upgrade Fails

    I tried to update to AM 8.4 P 12 but running into issues. I did the procedures in "00030036 - How to apply patches from the local hard drive for RSA Authentication Manager 8.x" and ran into the following error:&#...
    Chris Stewart
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  • Fixed token code - disable no time limit

    Hi, would it be possible to disable the no time limit option when assigning a user a fixed or OTP token code? We would like to maintain all Emergency code functionalities but get rid of the no time limit option as sho...
    Stephen Jeon
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  • can we install monitoring agent like splunk on RSA Authentication manager server and IDR 

    can we install monitoring agent like splunk on RSA Authentication manager server and Identity router . if yes how 
    Sandip Kandelkar
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  • Identifying primary/replica AM instances

    Is there a way to tell which Authentication Manager instance is primary without actually having to log into its Security or Operations Console?  I'm looking for a way to make it easier for end users to access the...
    Charles Anderson
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  • Multiple domains in RSA CAS - Office365 SAML

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the integration of RSA CAS with office365 as SAML. In the RSA documentation, the procedure to carry out this integration is indicated, however I have a scenario where I hav...
    mauricio perez
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  • 8.4 Patch 9 question

    After applying 8.4 patch 9, our syslog tool stopped receiving the following logs:Administrative Audit, Runtime Audit (includes Authentications), and System   Is there something we need to modify on the syslog si...
    David Berner
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  • RSA SecureID Software Token for Mac OS X

    Is it possible to add this app to the Mac OS X menu bar. If not, is this functionality being investigated?
    Jim Epler
    created by Jim Epler
  • Multiple Authentication Manager primaries with the same license (prod & test)

    Hello,   We are looking to deploy a second primary as our test box on a different subnet that can still communicate with our prod primary. The testing primary will only be connected to test applications, a separ...
    Josh Rice
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