• What is the future of WTD?

    What is the future of Web Threats Detection ? Is there a next version ? Is the product being discontinued ? What will replace it ? If a new version is planned, when can we expect an announcement ?
  • RSA WTD Rules for different pages

    Hi folks, how are you doing?   Recently I needed to create a rule in WTD to evaluate reset password pages, the reason for that is because attackers were trying to enumerate these pages, that at the end of the UR...
    Jeferson Adorno
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  • RSA WTD Increase search limit

    Hi folks, how are you? I'd like to ask if in new versions of WTD, like 6.2 or 6.3, for instance,  is it possible to increase the limit of 20000 in the search, if there's some setting in some place to make it eas...
    Jeferson Adorno
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  • RabbitMQ - Splunk

    We are currently in the middle of rolling out data streaming from SilverTail via the RabbitMQ message broker, over to Splunk. There are a number of hurdles that we have run into, some we’ve gotten over and other...
    Brian Rowe
    created by Brian Rowe
  • Issues on WTD 6.2 System Admin Guide

    Spotted few issues on the documents, hope someone can update:    1. Page 28  -->  I don't think this is the config file as i cannot find the  Edit the following properties in the Cassandr...
    huan zhou
    created by huan zhou
  • diffie hellman

    Is there any solution or plan to support diffie hellman crypto?
    Gadi Shpits
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  • Seeking information regarding how to get started with RSA Web Threat Detection

    Hi,   I'm looking for information on possible training/learning paths and/or required know how on how to get started with understanding and managing RSA Web Threat Detection and I'm asking this here as I was una...
    Andreas Sisas
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  • 6.5

    WTD 6.5 was planned for today, is there a delay?
    Gadi Shpits
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  • Behavior of a whitelist

    What is the expected behavior of a whitelist.eds file?  Is it just another EDS file or does it behave differently.  Does WTD simply not fire rules for IPs in the whitelist or is the traffic completely ignore...
    Brian Rowe
    created by Brian Rowe
  • Send WTD Alerts to multiple email addresses

    Hi, I've create a Rule in WTD and I would like to know if the email alert custom action can sent to more than one email address?   for example, the following sends an alert email to one email address emai...
    Chris James
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  • RSA WTD Recommended Server Sizing

    What is the recommended server sizing for application install and data storage with RSA WTD?
    Brandt Dooley
    created by Brandt Dooley
  • Integrate WTD with QRadar

    Hi all,   Do you know if have any plugin to integrate WTD with IBM QRadar?
  • How to Repair MySQL InnoDB Table That Has Issues?

    Our company is using SailPoint IIQ for its IAM solution. When trying to run: delete IdentityRequest * I get an error of sailpoint.tools.GeneralException: null index column for collection: sailpoint.object.Id...
    Sirisha Satya
    created by Sirisha Satya
  • How can i know how many data WTD lost with unsupported cipher

    Hi all, How can i know how many data WTD lost with unsupported cipher? Is any place or command that I can see the information?
    Henrique Silveira
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  • WTD SNMP configuration

    Hi guys,   We are planning on for implementing application monitoring solution (ionix) in our environment. Do RSA support SNMP configuration for WTD? If yes, please share some document in reference to it.  ...
    Hashik Mohammad
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  • Does anyone know of a way to export the page analysis details for every hour automatically ?

    We would like to export all the urls and their details every hour automatically.  Anyone doing that or have a script that will down load the details we can schedule?
    Denise Cleaver
    created by Denise Cleaver
  • Aggregator

    I posed this question on the monthly call to see what other WTD users are doing.  It centres around Aggregators and the fact they have a large effect in scoring.  Mint in particular has the largest amount of...
    Chris Casement
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  • I'm using RSA Web Threat Detection; How can I know the real IP of a customer using a VPN?

    I'm using a vpn and visited my website, rss wtd detect my activity in USA CO; but I'm not in USA.  How can I know when a customer is using a vpn connection in order to create a rule/alert?
  • It appears to the services of WTD are uninstalled in Scout.

    I Yum installed the rsa-wtd-dependencies-*.rpm, pendencies-optional-*.rpm and rsa-wtd-enterprise- And then, I log into Scout(https://hostname:4448/). However I can see "unins...
    Sayaka Hayashi
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  • can anyone share the document on WTD or silvertail?

    not many documents available from SCOL, can anyone share? thanks.
    huan zhou
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