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RSA Global Services Thanks the US Military – Free Exam Vouchers for any RSA Product Certification!

Blog Post created by Jacob Dorval Employee on Nov 11, 2018

Veterans Day is a day in which we honor United States veterans and victims of all wars.  It’s a day where many of us take the time to say thank you to anyone who has ever served in the US Armed Forces.  It’s also a day where many US military members take a moment to reflect back on their time in service and think about the brave men and women who battled next to them, some of whom are tragically no longer with us but their legacy lives on.  I’m proud to be a veteran, and in the most sincere way possible, thank you to all of the veterans out there.


RSA Global Services employs a large amount of veterans from all branches of the military.  Many of our employees still serve in the Guard, Reserves and have been called back to Active Duty for deployments.  This Veteran’s Day is a special day for RSA Global Services.  We’ve made a decision to give back to those who served.  We are offering exam vouchers for any of our product certifications, at no cost, for any United States veteran. 


RSA has a product certification program for the RSA Archer Suite, RSA NetWitness Platform and RSA SecurID Suite.  The product certification training itself remains for-fee, but with this announcement the $150 certification exam will now be free for US veterans.  This will be ideal for any veterans who are customers or users of RSA products who may already be familiar enough to pass the certification exams or for those who already took the product training and would like to take the certification.


The process for a US veteran to request a free product certification voucher is simple. The two steps required are shown below: 

  1. Go to our product certification page to view our available certifications, find the one that is right for you, review and complete the recommended training (if applicable), and complete the practice tests. Once you feel you are ready to proceed with taking the exam, proceed to step two. 
  2. Open a case with the RSA University support team to request your free exam voucher.
  3. RSA University will issue you the exam voucher which you can then use in your checkout process while scheduling the exam.


While this offer is currently only valid for those who have served in the US Armed Forces, we sincerely thank everyone who has served their country as well as their families.  On behalf of RSA Global Services, we wish everyone a very happy and safe Veterans Day.


In this picture are two RSA Global Services veterans            Michael Mallon (left) and Jacob Dorval (right) are two of the many veterans on the RSA NetWitness Global Services team.