Patricia Chagnon

New LMS Platform - Coming Soon!

Blog Post created by Patricia Chagnon Employee on Aug 22, 2019

We recently announced that our Learning Management System (LMS) will be upgraded to provide a richer, more personalized experience for our learners. The new platform will go live on September 9, 2019. Please read the information below to prepare yourself for upcoming changes  as we prepare for the final phase of this project.


What do you need to know?

  • The Education Services portal and LearnDell, along with the training systems will be unavailable for use starting Wednesday September 4th, 8pm EST through Sunday September 8th, 8pm EST.
  • You are encouraged to complete any in-flight courses prior to the systems becoming unavailable. This will ensure you don’t lose any learning progress, since bookmarks will not be carried over. Completed courses within a Learning Path will be preserved.


  • There may be a delay of up to two weeks post launch for transcripts to be updated in the new system. This also includes any registrations, cancellations, etc. that take place between August 25th through September 4th.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is happening to Dell Technologies Education Services’ Learning Management System? ( and

We are consolidating and upgrading the different learning platforms to bring all our customers and partners onto a single learning platform. This represents a major step in our journey to bring you a modern, personalized learning experience.

When does this consolidation take effect?

The consolidation exercise is expected to take effect on September 9th, 2019.

What are the benefits of this consolidation?

Bringing all learners to a single learning platform will provide:

  1. A more seamless and consistent experience for all our customers and partners.
  2. One central catalog of learning content.
  3. An enhanced new experience with more features and functionality, an improved portal experience, and a major step on our journey towards seamless, personalized learning.


Will I have to recreate my account when I log in after the migration?

If you use your account profile and training history will be migrated to the new learning platform. You can log in with your or credentials. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Should you need to create a new account the option is there to do so from the login screen.

If you use you may receive a notification from Dell MyAccount because your account has been migrated to a new system. The validation process will require you to follow the instructions provided in the notification.

  • Note: If you are in the middle of a learning path, any courses you have completed will carry over.


Will there be a period when the system will be unavailable before launch? 

Yes, there will be 4 days between September 4th, 8PM EST and September 8th, 8PM EST during which the system will be unavailable.


What if I am in the middle of taking a course when the migration happens?

To avoid losing your bookmarks or progress tracking, we encourage you to complete any course you are currently taking/plan to take prior to September 3rd. Note that bookmarks for any courses you are in the middle of consuming will not be preserved when moving to the new learning platform.


What happens to all the records of training I have already completed?

Your entire training transcript will transfer with you. Please note, however that training taken just prior to the migration date will take up to two weeks to be reflected in your transcript. If you are in the middle of a learning path, all courses you have completed will carry over.


What happens to all the records of certifications that I have achieved?

There will be no change to any of these records and you should be able to access them as you do currently, including printing out your certificates. Note that if you use the Education Services website to access your CertTracker records, the website will not be available during the blackout period when the migration is being done. You can access your badges directly through your account on the Acclaim site.


Will credit card purchases be allowed?

Yes, you can purchase items with credit card. For the best experience, purchase one item per checkout. If you are prevented from purchasing with credit cards for any reason, you can use training credits available in your account, or contact Education Services for help.


Training purchases, excluding training credits, that are made with a credit card will require a new step to complete the registration process and activate the order. Seats for scheduled training classes will only be guaranteed once these final steps are completed. You will receive an email containing specific instructions required to complete this important activation process.


Who do I contact if my account is not functioning after the transition?

Contact Education Services for support: