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Fight Cyber Crime - Become an RSA Proven Professional

Blog Post created by Don Croad Employee on Oct 21, 2020

There is substantial evidence that cyberattacks have increased during the recent pandemic. This is largely due to the perception that companies are under strain and are experiencing challenges related to the current health crisis. Companies perceived to be struggling are prime targets. Additional factors that contribute to the risk include an increase in the number of domains created to disseminate information about the virus, as well as more people searching for that information. Impersonating health agencies has become an easy way for attackers to infiltrate targets by praying on a fearful public. It’s also easier for cyber criminals to hide amongst the avalanche of information.


While companies are busy trying to navigate the landscape of the effects of the virus, they have less physical and mental resources to focus on security threats. Companies are dealing with more remote workers who may or may not have the proper security controls. They need to ensure that their security measures are effective while dealing with the logistics of reorganizing their business. This makes them more likely to forego user awareness training or security regulations while under stress. The likelihood of insider attacks may also increase if the company is seen to be in chaos.  The irony is, that while companies are being pulled in many directions, it is more important than ever now, to focus on protecting their assets.


The Right Solutions and the Right People Can Help

As Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) CEO Larry Marshall said when asked about the country’s technical skills shortage:

"We've got to get better at not looking for the silver bullet but working together and recognising the value people bring in addition to technology, science, and digital, and that's when you'll see new value.

The answer is in collaboration. That collaboration obviously has to be with industry and the education services market. It's through those partnerships that we know we can move the dial in helping to get people back to work and raise the skill level of the Australian workforce."


RSA’s security products are designed to help companies mitigate risk by providing business-driven, industry-leading security solutions that address imminent threats across the organization. However, the products themselves cannot do it all. The first line of defense lies with the analysts, administrators and implementors. These are the men and women needed to ensure that the products are used properly and efficiently to stop attacks. In order to safely and effectively steer the ship through dangerous waters, you need an expert crew.


Analysts, administrators and implementors of RSA products can gain this essential experience through training and acquire the confidence and expertise through the RSA Proven Professional Certification Program.

To that point, we are introducing the RSA Proven Professional Certification Program that is a new certification framework consisting of four levels. This framework allows for certification expansion and growth commensurate with product evolution.


With multiple certification levels, customers and partners can test their knowledge of specific job skills and acquire validation of the expertise necessary to achieve maximum value from the products. Each certification level is more in-depth and requires greater expertise, allowing customers to gain badges at each stage.

Each RSA product features a recommended learning path, practice test and exam guide to help prepare a customer for certification. 


After completing the courses in the learning path and acquiring professional experience with the product of choice, the customer can schedule time to take an exam at a local testing center through Pearson VUE, our vendor for proctored exam administration.  With over 5,000 authorized testing centers in more than 165 countries, Pearson VUE offers a worldwide resource to support the RSA Certification Program.  Upon passing an exam, the customer will have the option to retrieve a badge from Acclaim to represent product certification. 


To ensure your business is protected against cyberattacks in this challenging environment, visit the RSA University page and the RSA Certification Program site on RSA Link.