RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Administration – Governance

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This instructor-led training provides an overview of the administrative responsibilities and configuration options associated with the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle platform specifically the Access Certification and Data Access Governance modules. The lab will cover setting up system and security settings for the platform, and also performing some customizations. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to collect and unify user identities as well as how to collect their corresponding accounts and entitlements. Students will be able to create, run and perform reviews used for auditing purposes. Hands-on labs are used to reinforce the tasks involved in configuring, maintaining, and utilizing the platform to perform data governance tasks.




Delivery Type
On-Demand Classroom



3 days


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
Students should have the following skills or taken the following training prior to attending this course:

• Familiarity with Identity Management concepts

• Knowledge of Active Directory, LDAP, and SQL querying


Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

• Understand the components that make up RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

• Enable and configure the Access Certification Manager (ACM) and Data Access Governance (DAG) Roles modules

• Perform administrative functions, including configuring identity, account, and entitlement collectors

• Unify collected user data to gain visibility into users’ access and entitlements

• Understand packaging and import several platform resource objects

• Configure, run, and perform user and account access certification reviews

• Configure emails and notifications


Course Outline

Introduction to the Lab Environment

• Connect to the Classroom Environment

• Define the Prestige Company Data


The RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Platform Overview

• Configure System Settings

• Configure Security Settings

• Customize the Login Page with HTML Mark-Up

• Customize the User Interface


Requirements Gathering

• Reviewing Company Data

• Viewing User Object Attributes

• Create Custom Values List

• Create Custom User Object Attributes

• Create Custom Account Attribute


Users and Identities

• Create a Directory Object

• Create Business Units

• Create an Identity Data Collector

• Rapid Onboarding for Active Directory

• Edit the Identity Collector (IDC) for Active Directory

• Configure Unification Settings

• Collect Identities

• View User Records and Business Units



• Edit the Active Directory ADC

• View the Active Directory Accounts

• Create Application Objects

• Create an Account Collector for SAP Application

• Import Account Collectors and Collect Accounts

• View Account Data

• Resolve Orphan Accounts Manually

• Resolve Orphan Accounts with a Coverage File


Entitlements and Business Descriptions

• Create an Entitlement Collector

• Import Entitlement Collectors and Collect Entitlements

• View Entitlement Collection Results

• Import Business Descriptions


Data Access Governance

• Install and Configure StealthAUDIT

• Configure Connection and Host settings

• Create the Active Directory Inventory Job

• Run an .ActiveDirectoryInventory

• Create and Run an Instant job for FileSystem

• Create and run a Data Access Collector


Authentication, User Options, Aveksa Administration Entitlements

• Create a Delegated Authentication Source using Active Directory

• End User Options

• Adding Aveksa application privileges with the User Privileges tab

Email and Notifications

• Testing Basic Email Services

• Configuring Email Settings

• Email Events and Templates



• View the Review Types

• Create a Custom View

• Create a User Access Review Definition

• Create a Custom Reminder

• Create an Account Review Definition


The Review Cycle

• Manually Running a Review

• Set Out-of-Office Tasks

• Performing a Review

• Manually Performing Review Activities

• Running the Account Review

• Performing an Account Review


Reports and Charts

• Generate a Statistics Report

• Create and Schedule a Report

• Create a Parameterized Chart (TargetObjectID)

• Customizing an Out-of-the-box Chart

• Creating a new Report Template



• Viewing Out-of-the-box Dashboards

• Creating a Welcome Dashboard for Specific Users

• Creating a Topic Dashboard

• Creating an Object Dashboard (Applications)



• Onboard the Workforce Database

• High Risk User Review

• Publish a Report






In order to register for a class, you need to first create a Dell Education account

If you need further assistance, contact us