000036973 - Database ID Mismatch being reported in the alert log for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Dec 27, 2018
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Article Number000036973
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Product/Service Type: Enterprise Software
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0.1 and above
IssueAfter restoring the AVDB Oracle database for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle, the following messages are observed in the alert log (alert_AVDB.log).

Mon Oct 15 15:54:05 2018 
RFS[3]: Assigned to RFS process (PID:7236) 
RFS[3]: Database mount ID mismatch [0xa8f4332e:0xa9ec7096] (2834576174:2850844822) 
RFS[3]: Destination database ID mismatch [0xa81982fa:0xa296f354] (2820244218:2727801684) 
RFS[3]: Not using real application clusters


  • The typical location for the AVDB database is /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/avdb/AVDB/trace/.
  • The typical filename is alert_AVDB.LOG.
  • However, this may be different if RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle is in remote database configuration (aka DB_REMOTE).

Important Note:  Oracle Data Guard is not part of the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle out-of-the-box installation package or product.

CauseThe AVDB database has been left in Oracle Data Guard mode and the primary/standby configuration no longer applies.

Oracle Data Guard mode is implemented by the following Oracle database parameters.
  • log_archive_config
  • fal_server
  • fal_client
  • log_archive_dest_n, where one of these parameters are still pointing to the original primary database.
Examples of these database settings are as follows;

  • log_archive_config='DG_CONFIG=(AVDB,AVDBSTBY)'
  • fal_server='AVDB'
  • fal_client='AVDBSTBY'
  • log_archive_dest_2='service=avdbstd lgwr async valid_for=(online_logfiles,primary_role) db_unique_name=avdbstd'
Please note that the entry below is a non-Data Guard Log Archive Destination setting. In this example, the AVDB database is using Oracle ASM.

  • log_archive_dest_1='location=+dg01 valid_for=(all_logfiles,all_roles) db_unique_name=avdb'

Do not remove the similar setting from the AVDB database, as it is needed for normal operation.

ResolutionRemove the Oracle Data Guard settings from the AVDB Oracle database, and re-start the database.
  1. Connect to the database as SYSDBA: # sqlplus / as SYSDBA
  2. Remove the Oracle Data Guard settings;

    SQL> alter system reset log_archive_config scope=spfile sid='*'; 
    SQL> alter system reset fal_server scope=spfile sid='*';
    SQL> alter system reset fal_client scope=spfile sid='*';
    SQL> alter system reset log_archive_dest_n scope=spfile sid='*';   

Where, n is the setting number that has the "service=..." entry

  1. Exit from SQL*Plus, and restart the AVDB Oracle database.

    # acm stopdb
    # acm startdb

If the entry does not exist, then Oracle will return the following error:

ORA-32010: cannot find entry to delete in SPFILE.

In this case, the error can be ignored.