RSA announces the release of Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 19.6 

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RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce is a comprehensive authentication and fraud detection solution for the eCommerce market. The solution is based on the 3DSecure protocol (Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode) and is powered by risk-based authentication, an intelligent system that authenticates a user by measuring a series of risk indicators. Transparent authentication provides a user-experience in which a customer is only challenged in high-risk scenarios.


What's New in Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 19.6

The following enhancements are included in Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 19.6.


EMV 3DS Support

Support for transactions that use the EMV 3DS protocol. The Back Office applications include a transaction type indicator. The transaction type is based on the 3DS protocol version, and whether the transaction generated from a browser or a native application. The transaction type can be:

  • Browser Based (1.0)
  • Browser Based (2.0)
  • Application Based (2.0)


This table describes the ways in which the transaction type affects the Back Office applications. For more information about these changes, see the Back Office User Guide.


Back Office ApplicationDescription
Case ManagementThe Case List page and the View Case page include the transaction type for each case.
The Case List page includes a Transaction type filter to filter cases by transaction type.
Customer ServiceThe Transaction Log page and Transaction History page include a Transaction Type indicator.
Policy ManagementWhen creating a new rule in the New Rule page, select the transaction type(s) to indicate which transaction the rule applies. The selected transaction types determine which facts are displayed for the expressions in the Conditions tab. Only the facts that apply to the selected transaction types are displayed.
The Manage Rules page includes a Transaction Type indicator in the Rules table.

These new facts are included to support 3DS 2.0 transactions:

  • Transaction Details: Address Match Indicator
  • Transaction Details: Transaction Type
  • Transaction Details: Browser Language
  • User Details: Cardholder Shipping Address Country
  • User Details: Cardholder Billing Address Country
  • User Details: Cardholder Email Address
  • User Details: Cardholder Mobile Phone Number
  • Merchant Details: Merchant Category Code

These reports include a Transaction type filter to filter reports by transaction type:

  • Daily Overview
  • Daily Risk Score Distribution
  • Authentication Methods
  • Failure Reasons
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Risk Score Distribution
  • Fraud Levels
  • Fraud Distribution
  • Losses Breakdown by Action
  • Merchant Summary
  • Merchants Ranked by Loss
  • Case Marking
  • Cases by Action
  • Cases by Status
  • Rule Performance
  • Rule Analysis


Contact your customer support representative to coordinate next steps for implementing EMV 3DS support.


Risk Engine Enhancements
Risk Engine enhancements and an updated risk model to support EMV 3DS transactions.


OTP SMS Challenge Authentication
Support for the OTP SMS challenge method for EMV 3DS transactions using batch files and Telesign, in addition to the currently existing frictionless flows.


For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce page on RSA Link.


EOPS Policy:

RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.