RSA Report: BankBot Anubis II Malware Spreads Via Fake WhatsApp

File uploaded by Heidi Bleau Employee on Mar 14, 2019
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Mobile malware continues to be a growing problem for users around the world. Often disguised as legitimate apps in most popular mobile app stores, mobile malware comes in many flavors designed to steal money, passwords or personal data, intercept SMS codes or install ransomware on the device. In 2018, RSA identified an average of 82 rogue mobile applications every day.

BankBot first appeared in early 2017 and is one of many mobile malware variants that has continued to make its way into popular app stores disguised as anything from a legitimate banking or shopping app to weather apps. In the following report, RSA offers an in-depth review of the recent version of BankBot, or Anubis II (v2.5), a widely used mobile malware targeting Android-based smartphones including its core functionality and how it is being spread.