000033750 - How to start a Data Feed outside of RSA Archer 6.x using SQL

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Mar 22, 2019
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Article Number000033750
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 6.x
IssueThis article explains how to start a Data Feed outside of RSA Archer using SQL.
It explains how to trigger the first Data Feed in a convoy (Reference Feed) once a source file is delivered to a file share outside of an Archer process and a way to trigger a Data Feed to execute outside of the Archer interface.

Suggested workarounds:

The REST API can start Data Feeds starting in Archer 5.5 SP4 (6.x), the following REST API calls were added for existing Data Feeds:

  • Execute Data Feed
  • Get History Message for a History
  • Get Recent Run Detail for a Data Feed
  • Get Run History for a Data Feed

The following direct SQL interaction can also be used to start a scheduled Data Feed 
  1. Use the first SELECT statement to locate the Data Feed ID:

SELECT * FROM tblDataFeed WHERE datafeed_type_id = 1

  1. Change the 4 after the > in the next two SELECTstatements with the one found in the first SELECTstatement. This will also show the next scheduled run time and date in the (InactiveUntil) column.

SELECT InactiveUntil, * FROM tblAsyncJobQueue WHERE JobType LIKE '%datafeed%'
AND CAST (named_arguments as varchar (max)) LIKE '%Assembly="0">4</value>%' AND running = 0

  1. Run the following update to NULL out this schedule and cause the feed to be picked up by the Job engine and run as soon as possible. Remember to change the 4 after the > to the correct data feed ID.

UPDATE tblAsyncJobQueue SET InactiveUntil = NULL WHERE JobType like '%datafeed%'
AND CAST (named_arguments AS varchar (max)) LIKE '%Assembly="0">4</value>%' AND running = 0