000037269 - Geolocation Database in RSA Web Threat Detection -- Maxmind GeoLite2-City - free version is no longer updating

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Apr 9, 2019
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Article Number000037269
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Web Threat Detection
RSA Product/Service Type: Forensics
RSA Version/Condition: 6.2 - 6.3
IssueCustomers using WTD versions less than 6.4 will find that the GeoLite database is outdated and does not have accurate information anymore. However, it will no longer update. There is an error "Database Edition Not Found"

What is the solution to this issue?
ResolutionWTD has used for years  Maxmind.com product GeoLite to provide IP Geolocation.  This is version 1 and is a free product(now considered Legacy) that is used in WTD versions up to 6.3
On January 2, 2019, Maxmind discontinued our GeoLite Legacy databases. This discontinuation was first announced on January 2, 2018.
GeoLite Legacy databases as are used in WTD versions less than 6.4 are no longer available for download. (This is a database with the extension .dat) Attempting to download a GeoLite Legacy database file will result in the error: “Database edition not found”.

Free geolocation data is still available through Maxmind's GeoLite2 databases.<Link>
This <link> takes you to   https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geoip2/geolite2/
However, this is a database with extension .mmdb  which will not work in WTD versions less than 6.4. 

What are the options for users with WTD versions < 6.4??
  • Product's decision was for customer's to either pay for legacy geoIP databases  (.dat)  or upgrade to WTD Version 6.4
  • WTD 6.5 file has an extension .mmdb and is not going to work on WTD versions lower than 6.4. which uses the .dat format. 


NotesNote regarding the difference in the free versus paid geolocation databases

According to Maxmind  on link   https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geoip2/geolite2/  
"GeoLite2 databases are free IP geolocation databases comparable to, but less accurate than, MaxMind’s GeoIP2 databases."