Physical Host Installation: Appendix B. Create an External Repository

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Complete the following procedure to set up an external repository (Repo).

  1. Log in to the web server host.
  2. Create the ziprepo directory to host the NW repository ( under web-root of the web server. For example, if /var/netwitness is the web-root, submit the following command string.
    mkdir /var/netwitness/ziprepo
  3. Create the directory under /var/netwitness/ziprepo.
    mkdir /var/netwitness/ziprepo/
  4. Create the OS and RSA directories under /var/netwitness/ziprepo/
    mkdir /var/netwitness/ziprepo/
    mkdir /var/netwitness/ziprepo/
  5. Unzip the file into the /var/netwitness/ziprepo/ directory.
    unzip -d /var/netwitness/ziprepo/
    Unzipping results in two zip files ( and and some other files.
  6. Unzip the:
    1. into the /var/netwitness/ziprepo/ directory.
      unzip /var/netwitness/ziprepo/ -d /var/netwitness/ziprepo/

    2. into the /var/netwitness/ziprepo/ directory.
      unzip /var/netwitness/ziprepo/ -d /var/netwitness/ziprepo/

    The external url for the repo is http://<web server IP address>/ziprepo.

  7. Use the http://<web server IP address>/ziprepo in response to Enter the base URL of the external update repositories prompt from NW 11.2 Setup program (nwsetup-tui) prompt.

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