11.4 EP Agent Install: Upgrade Agents

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You can upgrade the 11.3.x and later versions of Endpoint agent to 11.5 or later.

Note: In a multi-server Endpoint deployment, during an agent upgrade, make sure that the correct Endpoint server is mentioned in the respective agent policy. In case the agent uses the default policy, ensure to use the agent packager downloaded from the respective Endpoint server to which it is communicating. Using Agent packager from different Endpoint server for agent upgrade will result in migrating the agents to another Endpoint server.

Note: For a subsequent installation or upgrade, use the same service and driver service name.

To upgrade from 11.3.x and later, download the 11.5 agent packager, deploy and verify agents. For more information, see Generate an Endpoint Agent Packager and Deploy and Verify Endpoint Agents.

Upgrade from and 4.4.1.x is supported only for version 11.3. For more information, see NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.1.x to NetWitness Platform 11.3 Migration Guide.

To upgrade an agent from 4.4.0.x to 11.5, uninstall the agent and perform a fresh installation.


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