Virtual Host Upgrade: Using iDRAC

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Many customers have remote sites with limited physical access and limited bandwidth from the administrator's desktop. If this the case, you may want to use iDRAC with the ISO Image shared out from an NFS share that is local to the devices being upgraded or installed. This also gives you the ability to use an existing NetWitness device as the sharing host.

For example:

  • You have a Concentrator and Decoder at a site in a remote geographic location.
  • The bandwidth is relatively low to that site from the administrator's site.
  • Shipping a USB stick and arranging to have person to go plug it into the boxes while you upgrade is not practical.

In this situation, you can:

  1. Install the nfs-utils RPM.
  2. Configure the NFS share.
  3. Configure iDRAC to connect to that share.
    Make sure that you update your iDRAC firmware supported Windows and Linux operating systems. Download and run the Dell Update Packages for supported Windows and Linux operating systems from the Dell Support website at For more information, see the Dell Update Package User's Guide available on the Dell Support website at's%20Guide_en-us.pdf.

4. Boot to the virtual media that contains the ISO file and continue with the upgrade.

Configure NFS Server - NFS Server config File

  1. Install NFS and its common utilities using yum.
    yum install nfs-utils
  2. Configure the NFS service to run at boot.
    chkconfig nfs on
  3. Configure the rpcbind service to run at boot.
    This service is required by NFS and must be running before NFS can be started.
    chkconfig rpcbind on
  4. Start the rpcbind service.
    service rpcbind start
  5. Start the NFS service.
    service nfs start
  6. Create a directory for our first export.
    mkdir /exports/files
  7. Open the NFS exports file into a text editor.
    vi /etc/exports
  8. To export the directory to everyone with read-only access, add the following line.
    /exports/files *(ro)
  9. Save your changes and exit the editor.
  10. Export the directory defined above.
    exportfs -a
  11. Disable firewall rules while performing upgrades.
    service iptables stop
  12. Copy install media that contains the ISO file to /exports/files directory.

Boot iDRAC to NFS Configuration

Note: You must verify that the iDRAC firmware is at least 1.57.57 for Series 4 (R620).

  1. Log in to the iDRAC interface.
  2. Attach media using Remote File Share.
    <server ip>:/export/files/
    For example:
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Launch Console.
  5. From the next boot menu, select Virtual DVD/CD.
  6. Reboot the device.


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