EP Agent Install: Generate an Endpoint Agent Packager

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To generate an agent packager to collect endpoint data from hosts:

  1. Log in to NetWitness Platform.

    Type https://<NW-Server-IP-Address>/login in your browser to get to the NetWitness Platform Login screen.

  2. Click ADMIN > Services.

  3. Select the Endpoint Server service and click Settings menu > View > Config > Packager tab. The Packager tab is displayed.


  1. Enter the values in the following fields:

    Endpoint ServerHost name or IP address of the Endpoint Server. For example,
    HTTPS PortPort number. For example, 443.

    Server Validation

    Determines how the agent validates the Endpoint Server certificate:

    • None – The agent will not validate the server certificate.
    • Certificate Thumbprint – default selection. The agent identifies the server by validating the thumbprint of the Root CA of the server certificate.
    Certificate PasswordPassword used to download the packager. The same password is used while generating the agent installer. For example, netwitness.
    Auto UninstallDate and time the agent automatically uninstalls. You can leave it blank if not required.

    Force Overwrite

    Overwrites the installed Windows agent regardless of the version. If this option is not selected, the same installer can be run multiple times on a system, but installs the agent only once.

    If you enable this option, make sure that you provide the same service name and driver service name as the previously installed agent, while creating a new agent.

    Note: If you want to force overwrite with MSI, run the following command:
    msiexec /fvam <msifilename.msi>

    Agent Configuration

    Note: The following Service and Driver fields are applicable only for Windows.


    Service Name Name of the agent service. For example, NWEAgent.

    Display Name

    Display name of the agent service. For example, NWE.

    DescriptionDescription of the agent service. For example, RSA NetWitness Endpoint.



    Driver Service Name

    Name of the driver service. For example, NWEDriver.

    Driver Display NameDisplay name of the driver service. For example, RSA NWE Driver.
    Driver DescriptionDescription of the driver service. For example, RSA Netwitness Endpoint Driver.
    Generate AgentGenerates an agent packager.
  2. Click Generate Agent.

    This downloads an agent packager (AgentPackager.zip) on the host where you are accessing the NetWitness Platform user interface.

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