000037393 - Error deploying the ear file message when upgrading RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 7.x

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Article Number000037393
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 
RSA Version/Condition: 7.x

IssueWhen upgrading or patching RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle from one version to another, the aveksa.ear file fails to deploy:

Restarting database.
Database is not running.
Database is running.

----------------------------------------------- ---
Backing up parts of filesystem...at Thu Mar 14 14:44:57 CST 2019
-- /home/oracle/database
-- /home/oracle/deploy
-- Backup the plug-in config files
-- Applying changes to database support files ...


Applying changes to ear file...at Thu Mar 14 14:45:19 CST 2019
-- Adding patch update into ear file
-- Cleaning out obsolete jar files.

--Applying change to deploy area support files...
Change deploy area ownership to root:oinistall
Copy the utilities
--Setting proper ownership properties on ear file/directory structure

Starting application server to import patched ear ...at Th Mar 14 14:45:58 CST 2019
Java Home is: /etc/alternative/java_sdk_1.6.0
Updating System Values ...
Verifying database Timezone value ...
No change to the Timezone was detected.
Total Memory:   48252 MB
Reserved for OS: 2048 MB
Reserved by AFX: 3072 MB
Reserved by DB:  28035 MB
Available for WildFly:15097 MB
Starting RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle:
Verifying Oracle and System time match ...
Database : 03-14-2019 14:46:05 +0800    ~       Web : 03-14-2019 14:46:04 +0800
Waiting for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle to start. .....
RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle is running

Deploying patched ear file...
Error deploying the ear file
[                                 |#

If patching, the patch log  (/home/oracle/Aveksa_7.1.0_P05/logs/7.1.0_P05_2019-03-14-1436.log ) shows the following error: 

Wildfly is running
Repackaging the aveksa.war and aveksa.ear
Archive name is: aveksa_7.1.0_143825_P05-2019-Mar-14-14.41.ear
Creating aveksa.ear file for deployment
Exception while building deployment ear file.
Could not find created archive file aveksa_7.1.0_143825_P05-2019-Mar-14-14.41.ear. Please check /home/oracle/archive/ if using a relative path
An error occured in the customizeACM command : error code 3
Error deploying the ear file

Step failed! See /home/oracle/Aveksa_7.1.0_P05/logs/7.1.0_P05_2019-03-14-1436.log for more information.
CauseThere was a folder called aveksa_tmp that was added to /tmp/customizeACM when the aveksa.ear file was being rebuilt  to include customizations. This folder is used by RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle when rebuilding the aveksa.ear file. If it already exists, the rebuild of the ear does not complete correctly. Specifically the aveksa.war file is not zipped.

ResolutionRepackage the aveksa.ear by first removing any files and directories that are not specifically for customizations. In this case, the 'aveksa_tmp' folder needs to be removed.


  1. Fix the contents of /home/oracle/archive/<latest>.ear and re-create the EAR.  To do this, login as the oracle user and complete the following tasks:

mkdir test
cd /home/oracle/test
mkdir unpack
cd unpack
mkdir ear
cd ear
jar xvf /home/oracle/archive/<latest>.ear
rm -fr aveksa_tmp
cd ..
jar cvf <latest>.ear -C ear .

  1. Make a backup copy of /home/oracle/archive/aveksa_7.1.0_143825_P02-2018-Sep-12-0.34.ear.
  2. Replace /home/oracle/archive/aveksa_7.1.0_143825_P02-2018-Sep-12-0.34.ear with /home/oracle/test/unpack/aveksa_7.1.0_143825_P02-2018-Sep-12-0.34.ear.  For example,

cp /home/oracle/test/unpack/aveksa_7.1.0_143825_P02-2018-Sep-12-0.34.ear /home/oracle/archive
NotesNote that RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle does not need to be restarted when rebuilding the ear file. The files under the /home/oracle/archive folder have no affect on the deployed WildFly components.