000029473 - A 403 error is returned if no value specified for cleartrust.agent.rules_file with RSA Access Manager 5.0 Web Agent

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Article Number000029473
Applies ToRSA Product Set: ClearTrust
RSA Product/Service Type: Web Agent IIS
RSA Version/Condition: 5.0
Platform: Windows
O/S Version: 2008 Server R2 x64
IssueThe RSA Access Manager 5.0 Web Agent is displaying error 403 if there is no value specified for the cleartrust.agent.rules.file = parameter.
CauseBeginning with RSA Access Manager 5.0 Web Agent, two new parameters were added with dependencies related to the "cleartrust.agent.rules.file =" parameter, as in the example below:

cleartrust.agent.rules_file_update_interval=15 Mins

When cleartrust.agent.rules_file_status= LOCAL then the cleartrust.agent.rules.file = has to be specified.

The description for cleartrust.agent.rules_file_status= does mention that if you specify LOCAL then you have to specify a value for the  cleartrust.agent.rules.file =.
The description for cleartrust.agent.rules.file = however was not updated to indicate this new dependency.

If an administrator inadvertently specifies cleartrust.agent.rules_file_status=LOCAL without specifying a value for cleartrust.agent.rules.file = then the agent will return a 403 error

The cleartrust.agent.rules_file_update_interval=15 Mins is only used if cleartrust.agent.rules_file_status=CENTRALIZED and does not apply in this situation.
ResolutionIf the rules.xml file is not needed, make sure both of the following parameters have no value specified: