000037546 - How do I know which Product Family option to select when registering for an RSA Link account as a customer or partner?

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on May 25, 2019
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Article Number000037546
Applies ToUsers:  RSA Customers and Partners
Locations:  RSA Link (community.rsa.com), RSA Registration Portal (community.rsa.com/register)
IssueWhen attempting to register for an RSA Link account as an RSA customer or partner on the RSA Registration Portal, I need to ensure that I am selecting the appropriate option for the Product Family field.

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ResolutionIn order to register as an RSA customer or partner, you must verify your status by supplying the serial number, contract number, license key or Site ID for one of your RSA products that has an active maintenance contract.  The table below lists several RSA product names (past and present) and indicates which option you should select in the Product Family field on the RSA Registration Portal.
RSA ProductProduct Family Option
3DSRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
3DSecureRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
AA CloudRSA Adaptive Authentication (Cloud)
AA eCommRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
AA HostedRSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
AA OnPremRSA Adaptive Authentication (On Premise)
AA OnPremiseRSA Adaptive Authentication (On Premise)
AA4ECRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
AACRSA Adaptive Authentication (Cloud)
AAeCRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
AAHRSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
AAoPRSA Adaptive Authentication (On Premise)
Adaptive Authentication (Cloud)RSA Adaptive Authentication (Cloud)
Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
Adaptive Authentication (On Premise)RSA Adaptive Authentication (On Premise)
Adaptive Authentication (OnPrem)RSA Adaptive Authentication (On Premise)
Adaptive Authentication for eCommerceRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
Adaptive DirectoryRSA Adaptive Directory
Adaptive FederationRSA Adaptive Federation
AMRSA SecurID Access
AM ExpressRSA Authentication Manager Express
AMXRSA Authentication Manager Express
ArcherRSA Archer Suite
Archer Third Party Security Risk ManagementRSA Archer Third Party Security Risk Management
ASP (Hosted)RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted)
Auth ManagerRSA SecurID Access
Auth Manager ExpressRSA Authentication Manager Express
Authentication AgentRSA SecurID Access
Authentication ClientRSA Smart Card Solutions
Authentication ManagerRSA SecurID Access
Authentication Manager ExpressRSA Authentication Manager Express
AuthenticateRSA SecurID Access
AveksaRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
AxMAccess Manager
Broadband-CRSA BSAFE
CASRSA SecurID Access
Certificate ManagerRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
ClearTrustRSA Access Manager
Cloud Authentication ServiceRSA SecurID Access
Cybercrime IntelligenceRSA CyberCrime Intelligence
Data Loss PreventionRSA Data Loss Prevention
Data Protection ManagerRSA Data Protection Manager
DCSRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
Digital Certificate SolutionsRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
Digital CertificatesRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
Distributed Credential ProtectionRSA Distributed Credential Protection
DLPRSA Data Loss Prevention
ECATRSA NetWitness Endpoint
eCommerceRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
EDPRSA Enterprise Data Protection
eGRCRSA Archer Suite
EndpointRSA NetWitness Endpoint
Enterprise Data ProtectionRSA Enterprise Data Protection
enVisionRSA enVision
Event ExplorerRSA enVision
EventSource IntegratorRSA enVision
Federated Identity ManagerRSA Enterprise Data Protection
FIMRSA Enterprise Data Protection
FraudActionRSA FraudAction Services
FraudAction ServicesRSA FraudAction Services
GRCRSA Archer Suite
Hardware TokenRSA SecurID Access
IdentityRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
Identity GovernanceRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
Identity Governance & LifecycleRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
Identity Management & GovernanceRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
IG&LRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
IGLRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
IMGRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
Identity LifecycleRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
KeonRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
Key ManagerRSA Enterprise Data Protection
Key Recovery ManagerRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
KRMRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
MasterCard SecureCodeRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
Micro Edition SuiteRSA BSAFE
NetWitness AdministratorRSA NetWitness (Legacy)
NetWitness EndpointRSA NetWitness Endpoint
NetWitness InformerRSA NetWitness (Legacy)
NetWitness InvestigatorRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness LegacyRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness LiveRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness Live ManagerRSA NetWitness (Legacy)
NetWitness LogsRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness Logs & NetworkRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness Logs & PacketsRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness NetworkRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness NextGenRSA NetWitness (Legacy)
NetWitness PacketsRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness PlatformRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness SpectrumRSA NetWitness (Legacy)
NetWitness SuiteRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NetWitness UEBARSA NetWitness UEBA
NWERSA NetWitness Endpoint
NWLNRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NWLPRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
NWPRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
One StepRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
RACRSA Smart Card Solutions
RCMRSA Access Manager
Registration ManagerRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
Reporting & Compliance ManagerRSA Access Manager
RKMRSA Enterprise Data Protection
RNWERSA NetWitness Endpoint
RNWPRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
RNWSRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
SARSA NetWitness Logs & Network
SecOpsRSA Archer Suite
SecureSuiteRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
SecurIDRSA SecurID Access
SecurID AccessRSA SecurID Access
Security AnalyticsRSA NetWitness Logs & Network
Security OperationsRSA Archer Suite
Security Operations ManagerRSA Archer Suite
Silver TailRSA Web Threat Detection
Smart CardRSA Smart Card Solutions
Software TokenRSA SecurID Access
Validation ManagerRSA Digital Certificate Solutions
VbVRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
Verified by VisaRSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce
Via AccessRSA SecurID Access
Via L&GRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
Via Lifecycle & GovernanceRSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
VRMRSA Archer Suite
Vulnerability Risk ManagementRSA Archer Suite
Web Threat DetectionRSA Web Threat Detection
WTDRSA Web Threat Detection