RSA announces the release of RSA NetWitness Platform 11.3.1

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This latest version of the RSA NetWitness® Platform continues to strengthen the platform’s threat detection capabilities by enabling offline endpoint visibility and expanding the detection of encrypted network sessions and anomalous user behaviors. In addition, a number of improvements to general performancestability, and platform-wide user auditing are addressed in this release.  

BEFORE YOU UPGRADE: Please review the RSA NetWitness Platform 11.3.1 Update Guide and Release Notes available on RSA Link. 



Feature or EnhancementDescription

RSA NetWitness Relay Enables Offline Reporting of RSA NetWitness Endpoint-Protected Hosts

Relay Servers (referred to as RAR in prior versions of RSA NetWitness Endpoint) extend the RSA NetWitness Platform’s visibility into endpoints while connected outside the corporate network. By configuring a relay in either the cloud or DMZ, any RSA NetWitness Endpoint-protected hosts can connect to the Relay Server to send updates on host activity and receive any time-sensitive response actions. 
Expanded Detection of Encrypted ChannelsTo aid in identification of encrypted channels, the Network Decoder can produce the JA3 value of TLS clients and the JA3S value of TLS servers that are observed in a Network session. 

Expanded RSA NetWitness UEBA Detection Capabilities

RSA NetWitness UEBA adds support for RedHat Linux logs & Windows Network Failed Logons.

Improved RSA NetWitness UEBA Scale and Performance

RSA NetWitness UEBA has increased its scale of support for customers with large numbers of users (for example, 100,000 users) who generate large quantities of log and endpoint events.

Centralized & Expanded Audit Logging

Version 11.3.1 now collects audit logs from all services and aggregates the logs into a single file in a centralized location for faster access and easy analysis. Audit logging is also improved to provide further granularity on the action taken or the recipient of the action when that context is necessary. Audit logging descriptions for users logging on and off hosts have also been improved.

Performance Optimizations for ESATo avoid unnecessary processing overhead, the Ignore Case option has been removed from the ESA Rule Builder - Build a Statement dialog for meta keys that do not contain text data values. ESA also now Automatically Adjusts the Rule Statement Operator if an ESA Rule References a Meta Key that Changed from String to String Array.
Apply Version Updates From UI Without Direct Internet AccessAfter you update the RSA NetWitness Platform to 11.3.1, you can apply future version updates from Hosts view in the User Interface (UI) without a direct connection to the Internet.


Other Improvements:

  • Save Interval for Core Service Indexes Has Been Reduced to Improve Memory Consumption
  • The Event Source Monitoring View Moved from Health & Wellness section to the Event Sources admin section
  • Health & Wellness monitoring enabled for NW Endpoint Risk and Relay processes
  • Health & Wellness monitoring expanded for Virtual Log Collectors & Log Collectors
  • Error Messages for Disabled ESA Rules are visible in the RSA NetWitness Platform User Interface
  • Result Messaging Provides Clarity on the Reason that Events were not Found in Investigate
  • Configurable Event Analysis View Event Limit in the ADMIN > System > Investigation Panel
  • Configurable Clearing of the Reconstruction Cache for the Event Analysis View to save disk space
  • Mitigated Critical Python Security Vulnerability (RHSA-2019:0710)


For a full list of improvements and fixes in version 11.3.1, please reference the RSA NetWitness Platform 11.3.1 Release Notes.


For More Information:

For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA NetWitness Platform page on RSA Link.


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Check out the RSA Ideas for the RSA NetWitness Platform portal and either submit your idea for improving the RSA NetWitness Platform or vote up previously submitted ideas!


EOPS Policy:

RSA has a defined End of Primary Support policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.