000037818 - Text not wrapping correctly with Internet Explorer on RSA Archer 6.6

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Article Number000037818
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Searching, Indexing, Platform, Archer Control Panel
RSA Version/Condition:,,
Platform:  Text Fields
Platform:  Internet Explorer
IssueAny text fields populated after the install or upgrade to RSA Archer 6.6 are not displayed with the proper word wrapping, resulting in large spaces and uneven lines.  This is only seen while using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but the underlying cause is browser independent.

Follow the steps in the resolution below to avoid any unexpected results. 
CauseAn issue was found in the rich text editor that is used in the RSA Archer versions listed above.  While entering text into the field, normal spaces were replaced with non-breaking spaces (NBS), which prevented automatic line breaks from being inserted, resulting in failures on word wrapping.
ResolutionTo completely resolve the issue apply an upgraded version of the text editor software, then identify and correct any records that may have had NBS added.  This is covered in more detail below.  All referenced materials are included in the zip file attached to this article.

Please perform a full backup before starting and follow the instructions provided in the Readme.txt.

  1. To upgrade the software you can apply RSA Archer 6.6 Patch 4, which is due at the end of August 2019 or use the included PowerShell script to replace the necessary files.  We recommend waiting for the patch if possible as it simplifies the install process.  The installation steps are covered in the Readme.txt.
  2. To identify any records that have NBS, we have provided a discovery script.  NBS can be valid, so this script attempts to identify the patterns where they were likely caused by this software issue.  It will not be perfect, but will be close.
  3. To fix any records we have provided a recovery script that replaces the NBS with normal ones.
  4. If your end users are not reporting any issues or so few that you would rather fix them manually, just install the patch or scripted software update then fix the records manually.  The easiest way would be copy the text into your favorite text editor, replace the NBS with spaces and copy it back into the record.