000037944 - Why am I not receiving service notifications for RSA Archer Suite hosted environments from RSA Link?

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Article Number000037944
Applies ToThis article applies to the following groups:
  • RSA Archer Suite Hosted (SaaS) Administrators
  • RSA Archer Suite Hosted (SaaS) Customers
  • RSA Partners
  • RSA Employees
  • Dell Technologies Employees
IssueI should be receiving email notifications from RSA Link for all service notifications for events (e.g. scheduled maintenance, service incidents, etc.) relating to one or more RSA Archer Suite Hosted (SaaS) environment but I don't appear to be receiving them.
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CauseThere are several potential reasons why email notifications are not being received for RSA Archer Suite Service Notifications
The questions in the section below will assist in identifying any root cause(s) that can be addressed.

Are you an administrator in your RSA Archer Suite hosted (SaaS) environment?

All customers with RSA Link accounts that are designated RSA Archer SaaS Administrators are automatically subscribed (i.e. opted-in) by default to receive service notifications for their respective environments (e.g. US Production, EMEA Production, etc.) and they do not need to subscribe manually.  If you are not considered an administrator in your environment, however, you will need to manually subscribe to (aka "follow") the environments for which you need to receive notifications.  (For more information, refer to the following knowledge article: How do I subscribe to service notifications for RSA Archer Suite hosted environments on RSA Link?)

Do you have an RSA Link account?

Email notifications from RSA Link can only be sent to registered users.  If you do not have an RSA Link account, you will be unable to receive email notifications from RSA Link for the service notifications, even if you are an RSA Archer SaaS administrator.  To ensure you are able to receive the notifications, make sure to register for an RSA Link account.

Have you logged in to your RSA Link account within the last twelve months?

When an RSA Link user does not log in to the website for twelve months or longer, their account is automatically switched to an inactive or dormant state, which disables all email notifications for the website from being sent and also disables their website login, requiring them to contact RSA Customer Support to have the account reactivated.  Once a user exceeds 18 months of inactivity, their account is permanently and irrevocably deleted, which means that the user will need to re-register completely for a new account should they ever require access.  (For more information, refer to the knowledge article entitled Unable to log in to RSA Link after twelve months or more of inactivity.)

Are you able to access the RSA Archer Suite Service Notifications pages on RSA Link?

Even if you are a SaaS administrator for your RSA Archer Suite environment, if you did not register for RSA Link as a customer or partner (providing a valid Site ID or license key) then you likely won't receive the email notifications as you won't have access to the location where they are published.  (For more information, refer to the knowledge articles entitled Why can't I access the RSA Archer Customer/Partner community on RSA Link? and How to re-register as a customer or partner on RSA Link.)

All RSA and Dell Technologies employees that have registered with their corporate credentials are automatically granted access to the RSA Archer Suite Service Notifications pages. If you are an employee and don't have access after registering, please engage the RSA Link team for further assistance.

Are you subscribed to service notifications for the appropriate environment(s)?

If you are uncertain whether or not you are subscribed to (i.e. "following") service notifications for your hosted (SaaS) environment(s) then it is prudent to confirm by reviewing Your Places within your RSA Link profile to ensure that they are indeed listed.  (Full instructions can be found in the following knowledge article: How can I find out which spaces I am following on RSA Link?)
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Have you selected the "Inbox" option when subscribing to service notifications for an environment?

When manually subscribing to a Hosted (SaaS) environment page (aka "space") on RSA Link by clicking on the Follow button in the top-right corner of the page, you are presented with two options: Following and Inbox
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The first option will always be selected by default, but only refers to the notification inbox within the website itself, which can be accessed by clicking on the notification icon to the left of your avatar in the top-right corner of the website, or by navigating directly to https://community.rsa.com/inbox.  
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If you wish to also receive emails for these service notifications then you need to also select the Inbox option in the expanded Following dialog window.

This section does not apply to RSA Archer SaaS Administrators who are auto-subscribed with the Inbox option by default.


Are your email preferences configured properly for your account?

If your account preferences within RSA Link are configured to prevent email notifications from being sent and/or if you have ever inadvertently (or purposefully) clicked on the unsubscribe hyperlink at the bottom of an email notification from RSA Link, then you will not receive emails for the service notifications until you update said preferences.  (More information can be found in the knowledge articles entitled Which email preferences in RSA Link are required in order to receive notifications for advisories? and I'm no longer receiving RSA Link email notifications even though my account is still active.)

Are the service notification emails getting filtered or quarantined?

If all of the tests above were successful and you are still not receiving emails for RSA Archer Suite service notifications then it is quite possible that the emails are being delivered but are either being filtered due to email rules or are being quarantined by your spam filter or by an email filtering implementation managed by your organization.  If you suspect it may be the latter then it is recommended that you contact your organization's IT help desk for assistance in whitelisting the no-reply@rsa.com email address and IP address from which RSA Link emails are sent.*

If you are an RSA or Dell Technologies employee and notifications from RSA Link are being quarantined then please refer to the following knowledge article: What should RSA and Dell Technologies employees do if RSA Link email notifications are getting quarantined?)


If you continue to experience issues receiving email notifications from RSA Link after following the instructions in this article, please contact RSA Customer Support for further assistance and reference this article.

NotesAlthough emails sent via RSA Link show no-reply@rsa.com as the sender address, the emails are sent via the Khoros JX (formerly Jive-x Cloud) platform on which RSA Link is built.  As such, it may be important to note that the email headers will reflect this.  (Your organization's IT help desk may need to know this in order to properly whitelist the email notifications.)  The text below is an example email header sent from RSA Link for a service notification.

Received: from jiveon-mx4-out.phx1.jivehosted.com
(jiveon-mail.phx1.jivehosted.com []) by
ismtpd0007p1las1.sendgrid.net (SG) with ESMTP id bDjxmzd9T4ydZEbVQ7YVkQ for
<john.doe@exaample.com>; Thu, 29 Aug 2019 15:28:30.442 +0000 (UTC)
Received: from rsa-jc-t-wa02.dynphx1.jivehosted.com
(ip51-vlb1-services.phx1.jivehosted.com []) by
jiveon-mx4-out.phx1.jivehosted.com (Postfix) with ESMTP id F3B8C28141 for
<john.doe@exaample.com>; Thu, 29 Aug 2019 15:28:29 +0000 (GMT)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 15:28:30 +0000
From: RSA Product Team <no-reply@rsa.com>
Reply-To: <jive-33220768-1szr-2u-2aeq@mail.rsa.jiveon.com>
To: Test User < john.doe@exaample.com >