RSA SecurID Access II - Infrastructure Administration and Tuning

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This training course describes how to deploy and install RSA cloud application and on-premise endpoint security components.
Hands-on exercises paired with practical use cases provide a rich educational experience to quickly gain expertise in deploying an RSA SecurID Access system.




This course is designed to help accelerate the learning curve and provide practical experience for individuals planning, deploying, or installing components of an RSA SecurID Access system. Participants leave this training with the knowledge and experience of bringing components to an operational state, information to help build high availability and disaster recovery into their infrastructure and how to perform system configurations to match their security needs.

Current RSA Authentication Manager customers who are planning to add cloud-based multi-factor authentication can particularly benefit from the information and hands-on exercises in this course as well as work with the latest Authentication Manager server and agent capabilities.

Extensive hands-on exercises performed in a virtual lab environment provide experience to build practical skills.



IT, System, or Security Engineers who may be responsible for implementing an RSA SecurID Access system.

Delivery Type

Virtual Classroom

On-Demand Classroom


4 days


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Students should have a fundamental conceptual understanding of network security and multi-factor authentication. Students should be familiar with software installation in both Windows and UNIX/Linux environments and be familiar with IP, networking, and virtualization configurations.
Most students find it helpful to have completed RSA SecurID Access Administration I training prior to attending this course.
Students must provide their own iOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet) to complete exercises involving the RSA SecurID Access Authenticate mobile app.



Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the architecture and deployment options of an RSA SecurID Access system and components
  • Perform configurations required to make system components operational
  • Understand the configuration options to support a variety of security and access protection scenarios
  • Offer guidance and support for user administrators 
  • Know how to approach system troubleshooting


Course Outline

  • RSA SecurID Access System Architecture
    • System components
    • Component communication paths
  • Deployment Scenarios
    • Planning an RSA SecurID Access implementation
  • RSA Authentication Manager Deployment
    • Authentication server deployment options
    • Authentication server Quick Setup
  • RSA Authentication Manager System-Level Configurations
    • Performing System and Instance configurations
  • RSA Cloud Authentication Service Deployment
    • Deploying an Identity Router
    • Connecting to the RSA Cloud Authentication Service
  • System-Level Configurations

    • Setting up administrative accounts
    • Editing network configurations
    • Application Access Policy Overview
  • Connecting to Identity Sources
    • Managing connections to LDAP/Active Directory
    • User management capabilities
  • Authentication Agent Configurations
    • Installing Windows Local Access agent and configuring Windows agent features
    • Installing authentication agent for PAM
    • Installing Web Access agents - Windows and LINUX
    • Installing and configuring RSA MFA Agent for Microsoft Windows


  • User Self-service Configurations
    • User self-service options
    • Installing a Web Tier server
  • Setting up the Application Portal
    • Configuring SAML, HTTP and Trusted Header
    • Configuring Portal authentication
  • Application Portal Policies
  • Cloud Authentication Service Integrated Windows Authentication
  • Authentication server - Cloud Authentication Service Integration
  • RADIUS Configuration
  • High Availability Configurations
  • System Utilities
    • Command Line
    • RSA Authentication Manager MMC Snap-in
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    • Log files
    • Service Log Bundles
    • Identity Router OS
    • Maintenance and backups



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In order to register for a class, you need to first create a Dell Education account

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