000038009 - Update the RSA Archer Configuration Service Database Connection

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Oct 11, 2019
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Article Number000038009
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
IssueThe customer has moved the Archer databases to a new server and needs to update the services to point to the new location
When opening Archer Control Panel, you get "Error communicating with the Configuration service"
Error communicating with the Configuration service Try Again

If you need to update the connection string for the Configuration Database:

  1. Stop the Configuration Service on the server
  2. Open ArcherTech.Services.ConfigurationService.exe.config (by default this is located in C:\Program Files\RSA Archer\Services)
  3. Locate the <connectionStrings> section and update the following:

    <add name="SqlDB" connectionString="Data Source=oldserver;Initial Catalog=oldDBName;User ID=olduserID;Password=oldPassword" 
    to this:
    <add name="SqlDB" connectionString="Data Source=newserver;Initial Catalog=newDBName;User ID=newuserID;Password=newPassword"

If you are troubleshooting a Connection Failure from ACP:

  1. Verify that the Configuration Service is running on the server
  2. Try restarting the Configuration Service
  3. Open ArcherTech.Services.ConfigurationService.exe.config (by default this is located in C:\Program Files\RSA Archer\Services)
  4. Verify that the information listed in <connectionStrings> is correct
  5. Test connecting to the listed Datasource with the User ID listed and verify that the account has db_owner access to the Archer Configuration DB
  6. Try clearing the encrypted Password and re-entering the current password in plaintext.
        <add name="SqlDB" connectionString="Data Source=all.archer.local;Initial Catalog=archerconfig;User ID=archerdba;Password=&quot;MDQ0S92slPgh2P65KroO5vCEItdEBIDgBR2o0awvurXWpo4=8SEvELiTVaqbPpAYGm8eZDbyrlGQb5+1HbE79PblcytZTVaqXyinhMfUaONAXsAOtASSYsaTeoGCevIHW&quot;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />


    updated to:
        <add name="SqlDB" connectionString="Data Source=all.archer.local;Initial Catalog=archerconfig;User ID=archerdba;Password=updatedPassword" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />


  7. Save the file and restart the Configuration Service. After the service is restarted, the password will be re-encrypted.
NotesIf you wish to use Integrated Security for your Configuration DB connection, the connectionString should look like the example below:
    <add name="SqlDB" connectionString="Data Source=ALL;Initial Catalog=archerconfig;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

This will use the account that is running the RSA Archer Configuration service to connect to the database. This must be a network account with db_owner privileges on the Configuration Database.