000038190 - Can archived aveksa.ear files stored in $AVEKSA_HOME/archive be deleted in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle?

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Article Number000038190
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0.2, 7.1.0, 7.1.1
IssueWhen RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle is initially installed, the deployed aveksa.ear file is saved in $AVEKSA_HOME/archive. Every time RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle is patched or customized, the new aveksa.ear is saved in $AVEKSA_HOME/archive and the older aveksa.ear files are also retained. The more patch installations and/or customizations, the more aveksa.ear files that are archived and retained in this directory. Over time, the accumulation of these files requires more and more disk space for storage. 

For example, the below directory listing was taken from a 7.1.1 system that had P01 installed and customized, and P03 installed and customized twice. That means six aveksa.ear files stored in $AVEKSA_HOME/archive each over a gigabyte in size. 


-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle oinstall        552 Mar 18  2019 Archive_README.txt
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall 1012144645 Mar 18  2019 aveksa_7.1.1_161195-2019-Mar-18-13.31.ear
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall 1012654999 Mar 31  2019 aveksa_7.1.1_161195_P01-2019-Mar-31-13.31.ear
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall 1012723890 Apr 11  2019 aveksa_7.1.1_161195_P01-2019-Apr-11-13.31.ear
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall 1014234513 May 21  2019 aveksa_7.1.1_161195_P03-2019-May-21-13.31.ear
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall 1014236718 May 25  2019 aveksa_7.1.1_161195_P03-2019-May-25-13.31.ear
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall 1014239945 Aug 22  2019 aveksa_7.1.1_161195_P03-2019-Aug-22-13.31.ear
-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle oinstall        159 Mar 18  2019 DO_NOT_REMOVE_ARCHIVE_FILES.txt
-rw-rw---- 1 oracle oinstall        127 Mar 18  2019 wildfly_deployment.properties

The name of the file DO_NOT_REMOVE_ARCHIVE_FILES.txt indicates none of these files can be removed. The contents of this file also indicate these files should not be removed.

The archive files are important in redeploying current versions Please do not remove them.
In particular those indicated in the wildfly_deployment.properties

This RSA Knowledge Base Article explains which files may be safely removed from this directory.
ResolutionThe purpose of preserving each aveksa.ear file is to provide the ability to go back to a previous ear file if necessary. However, the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle application only requires the currently deployed ear file and the initial ear file (if different from the currently deployed ear file) to be kept.

To determine which aveksa*.ear files may safely be removed, check the contents of $AVEKSA_HOME/archive/wildfly_deployment.properties. This files lists the currently deployed ear file and the intial ear file. For example,


These two files mentioned in wildfly_deployment.properties should not be removed as it may impact patching and upgrading of the existing environment. Other older ear files listed in the archive directory may be removed if there are issues with space and there are no requirements to use those older versions in an environment sometime in the future.