000038136 - Software Token Profile is required to deploy software token error when running RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Admin

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Article Number000038136
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.3, 8.4
IssueUsing the RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Admin tool to bulk distribute tokens with a script that worked successfully in the past.
The prior script used the Set Software Token Device Type action (SSTDT). 
The following error shown:
Token 000xxxxxxxxx, not deployed. Reason: Software Token Profile is required to deploy software token


CauseRSA Authentication Manager introduced Set Software Token Profile (SSTP). It is referenced on page 68 of the RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 Bulk Administration Utility (AMBA) Guide.

It is now required to link the software token device types in  the software token profile.
ResolutionA new required field called Set Software Token Profile (SSTP) was introduced in RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 patch 3.  The profile names available are in the Security Console.  Below is sample usage.

Software Token Distribution

This example demonstrates the use of a data file with the Add Token to User Automatic (AUTA) action to deliver software tokens, provisioned with CT-KIP, by email (SMTP).  This sample data file includes the SoftTokenProfile field in each line:

AUTA,autauser1,autauser1,1,password$,4,Android 2.x ctkip,autauser1@test.com,SMTP
AUTA,autauser2,autauser2,1,password$,4,iOS20 ctkip url,autauser2@test.com,SMTP

In this sample data file, the SSTP action defines a global software token profile, followed by the CIF action with actions:

SSTP,iOS20 ctkip url

To use the sample data files, run the AMBA utility with the following command, where auta1.csv is the data file and amba.lic is the license file:

./rsautil AMBulkAdmin -a admin -P password --ctkip -i auta1.csv --lic ./amba.lic
NotesFor details about the various actions used by RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Admin, review the RSA Authentication Manager 8.4 Bulk Administration Utility (AMBA) Guide or the guide appropriate to your version.