000038294 - Configuration unsuccessful and invalid management network settings reported by RSA SecurID Access Identity Router's VM console

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Jan 3, 2020
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Article Number000038294
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA SecurID Access
RSA Product/Service Type: Identity Router
Platform:  VMware/Hyper-V
IssueWhen performing initial configuration of the RSA Identity Router (IDR) using the VM Console (as described in Configure Initial Network Settings Using the Identity Router VM Console), the VM Console's Commit tab reports "Configuration unsuccessful.  The following errors occurred," with one or more of these errors reported:
  • Management IP is invalid
  • Management Netmask is invalid
  • Management Gateway is invalid

Error message
CauseOne of two problems occurred.  Either:
  • The network details were entered and saved but the settings are invalid in some way, or
  • Valid network details were entered on the Management tab in the IDR's VM Console, but the settings were not saved.
ResolutionTo resolve this issue, complete the following:
  1. Go to the Management tab in the VM Console.   Check that valid Management network details were entered.  Adjust the settings entered there if need be:
  2. Make very sure that the Enable two network interfaces option matches what was selected for that option when configuring the IDR in the Cloud Admin Console.  For reference, see Step 5 in documentation on how to Add an Identity Router Using the Cloud Administration Console.
  3. Make sure that the IP address and other network details match what was configured for port eth0 in your hypervisor's network properties settings for the VM.

If  the hypervisor's network properties settings are incorrect for the IDR, you will need to shutdown the IDR's VM, reconfigure the hypervisor's network properties settings for it, then restart the VM.  You can then try to configure it from the IDR's VM Console again.

An example of a correct configuration (with two network interfaces selected) is shown here:


Management port network settings example

  1. Once you have confirmed the details entered are correct, you must press the F10 key on your keyboard to save the changes.   The cursor should be in one of the fields on the right side of the screen when you do that.  After pressing F10, you should get a pop-up displayed with the message Configuration saved, as seen below:

Configuration saved

  1. Press Enter to choose OK to dismiss the pop up.
  2. Select the Commit tab, and check that you see the message Configuration successful!

Configuration OK

  1. If the system still reports invalid network settings, go back to the Management tab once again to review and adjust the settings and make sure they are saved correctly.