Known Issues and Limitations

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This section lists issues that remain unresolved as of version 7.2. If a workaround is available, it is provided.


Tracking ID



When installing RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle as the root user, the installer may display the following error: "line 270: log: command not found."

This error is misleading and can be ignored, and the installation will complete as expected.

ACM-102155Installing with a . character in the installation directory name results in an invalid directory path error.

Importing metadata with passwords that are prefixed with ENC that had been exported from the same environment can result in decryption warnings. The import completes successfully regardless of the warnings.

RSA recommends avoiding the use of the prefix ENC in passwords.

ACM-97117Active Directory users may not be able to authenticate using an authentication source if the account attribute is not set to samAccountName.
ACM-102528 RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle does not support multiple sessions for the same logged-in user. Breadcrumbs in the user interface are inaccurate when a new session is opened while another session for the same user is still active.
ACM-102384 Add, delete, and reorder changes made on the Dashboard Components tab are saved even after clicking Cancel. Changes made on other dashboard settings tabs are only saved after clicking OK.
ACM-103099 Connection to the database fails if the Oracle SID is anything other than AVDB.

User interface alignment issues occur on the system dashboard when shown on a 14-inch or smaller display with an 1080p (1920x1080) resolution.

Workaround: Use the browser zoom level to zoom out.

ACM-96652 When accepting joiner activity, the page must be scrolled to see the full action menu.
ACM-102632 The Global Role Mappings report lists app role names under the column heading Child Role Name.
ACM-97777 The SystemOut.log displays font warnings for report previews.
ACM-102319 The Short Description (Tooltip) value is not reflected in group reviews.
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Known Issues and Limitations