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11.4.1 Release Notes: Fixed Issues

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Apr 23, 2020Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Jul 23, 2020
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This section lists issues fixed since the last major release.

Security Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
ASOC-90460 CentOS 7 kernel security Update -
ASOC-89324CentOS 7 qemu-kvm Security Update -
ASOC-89323CentOS 7 kernel-rt Security Update -
ASOC-88972CentOS 7 java-1.8.0-openjdk Security Update -
ASOC-88273CentOS 7 fribidi Security Update -
ASOC-88034CentOS 7 java-11-openjdk Security Update -
ASOC-87935CentOS 7 SDL Security Update -
ASOC-87912CentOS 7 nss, nss-softokn, nss-util Security Update -
ASOC-87313CentOS 7 tcpdump Security Update -
ASOC-87312 CentOS 7 kernel security Update -

Log Collection Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
WinRM channel bookmark is returning 1 as the PULL response and corrupts the bookmark file.

Administration Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
When the user logs in to NetWitness Platform, the permissions of the user who previously logged in is applied.
SACE-12753Custom feed verifies only the host name in the URL path and not the filename or path.
SACE-12563When you edit the feed, the previously selected and deployed device groups are not selected, making it difficult to understand which are deployed.
The NetWitness Platform user interface response is very slow and takes up to 30-45 seconds to work.

Investigate Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription


From UEBA, when you pivot on a meta value containing a slash, the Investigate > Events view, does not display any results


The event reconstruction for a filename in the Investigate > Events view is querying the wrong meta key (ip.src ) instead of ip.dst in the FTP system parser.

SACE-13028When logs are exported in XML format from the Events view or the Legacy Events view, the logs have incorrect closing tags. The closing tag is <Logs/> instead of the correct closing tag, </Logs>.
SACE-12498After Brazil stopped using Daylight Saving Time, there is a one-hour discrepancy between the configured Profile timezone (Americas/Sao Paulo GMT -3) and the timezone used to display time in the Investigate and Respond views (Americas/Sao Paulo GMT -2).

Respond Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription

Compressed payloads not displayed when using text reconstruction in Respond

In 11.3.2 and 11.4, you may encounter a scenario when using packet reconstruction within Respond for network sessions containing compressed (for example, gzip) payloads.


Respond may stop processing alerts when Endpoint file alerts do not contain a SHA256 Checksum

In 11.3.2 and 11.4, you may encounter Respond stopping the processing of alerts when handling certain alerts containing Endpoint events not containing a SHA256 hash of the offending file. This results in a failure to calculate risk scores for alerts and subsequently errors when attempting to process subsequent alerts.

Health and Wellness Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
SACE-12973 ADMIN > Health & Wellness > System Stats Browser tab, does not display Fan status and System Temperature.

Core Services (Broker, Concentrator, Decoder, Archiver) Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
Packet Decoder has very low session rates and capturing at 9.6G.
Syslog forwarder forwards only the logs that have meta attached to them and have the forward flag set in the Application Rule.

ESA (Event Stream Analysis) Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription

A Context Hub enrichment in an ESA Rule creates alerts for the older values that are deleted.

This issue occurs when the list from which the Context Hub Enrichment is created is a recurring one with the Overwrite option. When the values are overwritten by new values, ESA alerts should not be triggered for the older values.

Context Hub Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription

When converting a recurring feed to a Context Hub list, it displays a failed status.

Reporting Engine Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
When you edit an existing schedule of a report, you cannot select a data source if a data source was not previously selected.

Endpoint Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription
In the Investigate > Hosts view, duplicate hosts are displayed for the same hostname but with different agent IDs as the agent was installed multiple times.

Upgrade Fixes

Tracking NumberDescription


Unable to upgrade the NW Server host to version using the Offline User Interface method.
This issue occurs when upgrading from or to 11.4.1. For a workaround, see Known Issue ASOC-92601.This issue is fixed when upgrading from 11.4.1 to a later release.

PAM Kerberos authentication fails after upgrading to
SACE-13119After upgrading to 11.4 and reconstructing an event in the Legacy Events view, the metadata drill down options are missing under the View Meta option in the event reconstruction toolbar.
SACE-12649After upgrading to 11.3 or later, Log Collector does not receive logs from the Proofpoint event source.
After running the backup script version 4.5 on a 10.6.6 system, an error "verify Puppet Certs validity on SA Server" is displayed.
When running the NetWitness Recovery Tool (NRT), the custom Meta Groups and Profiles are not imported as a part of the restoration process.
(Malware Analysis) After upgrading to, the Threatgrid module is not working and the RSA Cloud connection is not working via HTTP Proxy.
After installing version, the mongo sa.repo table does not show that the repo is downloaded even though /var/netwitness/common/repo/ is available.

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