RSA IGL Community Exchange Overview and FAQs

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Through the RSA IGL ecosystem, you can tap into the collective knowledge of the RSA IGL community and certified RSA IGL experts to help you get your IAM program on the right path, right from the start. The RSA IGL Community Exchange is an integral part of the RSA IGL ecosystem, providing a faster and more flexible development cycle for RSA and partners to deliver value-add offerings for your RSA IGL implementation. Offered online through RSA Link, the RSA IGL Community Exchange provides access to application Integrations, connection/collection guides, workflow guides and much more. all of which complement and enhance out-of-the-box capabilities of RSA IGL.  You can leverage the RSA IGL Community Exchange to expand your use of RSA IGL solutions into new business processes, to address specific requirements and to fulfil various technical solutions.


The RSA IGL Community Exchanges includes solutions that are both provided by RSA officially but also from our Ecosystem of clients and partners. 

The RSA IGL Community Exchange includes:

  • RSA IGL Application Connector and Collector guides
    • Collector: How to pull data from a endpoint and collect the data into RSA IGL. Normally a one-way, read only feed of data. 
    • Connector: How to directly connect to an endpoint to update/change data with provisioning and de-provisioning. Normally used for adding/deleting accounts, changing information, resetting passwords etc.
  • Dashboards
    • Various dashboard packs that can be deployed to provide business friendly information.
  • Reports/Charts:
    • Various reports/charts and the SQL that can be used to provide information from your RSA IGL deployment. 
  • Workflows:
    • Various pre-build workflows to achieve common tasks and complete various processes needed.
  • Request Forms:
    • Various pre-build request forms, which can be used within RSA IGL
  • Review Escalations:
    • Various examples of how you can configure communications that are sent out from RSA IGL within a review.
  •  Rules:
    • Details of way to configure RSA IGL Rules, including those using the more advanced rule features. 
  • Other:
    • Various other useful items for your RSA IGL deployments.
  • Blueprints Sub-Community:
    • Pre-configured solutions to get the most out of your RSA IGL deployment and save time/money whilst delivering rapid time-to-value.



Through the RSA IGL Community Exchange, you can:

  • Enhance the breadth and depth of your RSA IGL solution.
  • Adapt your IAM program to keep pace with your organisation's changing needs
  • Leverage functionality developed by RSA and its Ecosystem of community partners



 Whenever using an item on the RSA IGL Community Exchange, you must:


  1. Ensure you follow standard change management procedures and apply all changes to your lower environments with full testing, before you move these into Production.
  2. Check if the solution is from RSA officially or from a 3rd party - solutions which are not from RSA, will not follow standard support processes and you will need to work with that 3rd party directly if there are issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do RSA IGL Community Exchange offerings require a product purchase or license?

Each offering listed on the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Community Exchange  includes an overview of the features and functions for the offering, as well as:

  • Prerequisite RSA IGL features that must be installed in order for the specific offering to operate (eg. DAG/Roles module)
  • Potential costing for the deployment by Professional Services, if necessary
  • Potential CAS (Custom Application Support), if necessary, to cover future support and updates
  • Minimum RSA IGL release required to support the functionality of the specific offering (eg. RSA IGL 7.2.1)



Do all Solutions come at a cost?

There are a variety of both paid and free-to-use solutions available


Is technical support available for RSA Exchange offerings?

Yes. Customer satisfaction is RSA’s top priority. Therefore, RSA and RSA Partners will provide technical support for their respective offerings on the RSA Exchange.  

  • For technical support questions regarding RSA offerings, please open a support case via the standard process: RSA Support 
  • For technical support regarding offerings provided by an RSA Partner, please refer to the contact provided on the offering’s details page.


How often will new offerings for the RSA IGL Community Exchange be released?

We aim to release new solutions and options as often as possible, please hit "follow" on the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Community Exchange page, so that you receive a notification whenever there are updates. 


Are RSA IGL Community Exchange offerings updated regularly?

We aim to keep the solutions updated with the latest versions of RSA IGL, as and when they are released.

We will keep information on each page updated, as to what version it is support on and any new updates.


How does RSA determine which Platform release version is used when validating a new or updated offering?

Each offering introduced to the RSA IGL Community Exchange is designed, developed, and validated for the latest generally available RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Platform release version at the time of development.  


How do I obtain an RSA Partner offering? How do I get documentation for offerings?

To access RSA Ready certified Integrations, visit the RSA Ready subspace on RSA Link.


All other solutions, will be listed as being RSA or partner solutions.