000038978 - How to obtain internal page URLs to create links to specific dashboards and other end-user pages in RSA Archer

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Article Number000038978
Applies ToRSA Archer 6.x
IssueSo the link generator for linked lists is not generating the link correctly also, using the copied pasted URL in the browser for end-user pages is not the correct one either as it will just redirect you to the home page or simply refresh the page you are on.
TasksIn order to get the correct URL you will have to first create a standard quick link on a dashboard of the page you are wanting the link for.
Then open up the F12 network trace within the browser you are using.
Then click on the quick link created and view the network trace to locate the hidden url.
ResolutionTo create the quick link or the Quick Reference Link, you go to Administration > Workspaces.
Then go to the workspace you want to create the temporary quick reference link for.
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Create a reference link to the page in question. (Add New Link > Type: Internal Page, Dashboard, Report, or Content record > Link To:  Select the dashboard in question. > Provide a display name)
In this example I am using an existing dashboard to test.

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Next verify that your quick reference link is inside of the use case we created it in.

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Now open the F12 Network trace in your browser. Here we are using Internet Explorer.

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Within the developer tools we are going to look at the network trace tab.

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Ensure that the  is clicked to clear any existing traced events and also ensure that  is toggled off so that the page does not refresh when you go to the quick link.
Also, make sure that the green play button is greyed out and the stop button is red. This indicates that tracing is on.

Now go to the quick reference link that we created.
In the network trace you should see the top result. Click on it and in the Headers area, you will see the request URL.

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If you right-click on it and copy the value, you will be able to paste it in another tab of your browser and it will take you straight to that page.

Note: This link can be used to create a linked lists reference or other iView links. You will need to be logged in with an existing Archer Session token for these links to work.