000039074 - Configuration changes are not immediately reflected in system behavior in RSA Archer Suite

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Jul 3, 2020
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Article Number000039074
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Archer
IssueIn some Archer installations changes in the Archer Control Panel that should immediately take effect immediately have no effect until the service is restarted.
CauseWhen a configuration change is made in the Archer Control Panel all the Archer services, web sites, and applications must be notified of the change. There a few things that must happen for this to occur.
  1. The service/application must have its' listening port registered in the config database table tblClientMonitor.
  2. The changing system/process must be able to communicate to every machine/port listed in tblClientMonitor.

Both conditions must be successful otherwise dependent systems will be unaware of the configuration change.

On a regular basis, Archer software will test each service listed tblClientMonitor if it is unable to communicate with the listed listener the software assumes that the listener is no longer valid and removes it from the list. Even if the service did correctly register its' listening port if any service cannot connect to it the registered port will be removed. On a regular basis, the service refreshes its' port registration which will recreate the registration if it was removed so the current existence of an entry in tblClientMonitor does not mean it existed when the notification was necessary.

Some areas where the effects of this behavior are frequently seen:

  • "Discontinue Job Processing" checkbox in the Job Engine Manager tool has no effect.
  • Job Filter changes through Job Engine Manager have no effect.
This is expected behavior based upon the current software implementation and there are no plans to modify this behavior.

Note: If the service is unable to open its' own listener port, there is a fallback behavior where the configuration is requested every time it is needed. That prevents missing configuration changes but has a large negative performance impact because of the large number of additional database calls.
The client name in the table tblClientMonitor may not be a reliable indicator of the service that registered the listening port.
ResolutionResolve any firewall rules or account permissions configurations that prevent communication between all servers running any Archer application code except the Archer database over the configuration service ports typically 13300 - 13350.
WorkaroundWhen modifying systems do not have an accurate list of configuration listeners or are unable to communicate to those listeners the only way for configuration changes to be reflected is to restart any Archer applications or services that are affected by the configuration change.