RSA SecurID Access Self-Guided Exploration Lab

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On-Demand Lab Details




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This On-Demand lab enables students to explore all available features of the RSA SecurID Access platform with minimal step-by-step instructions. Learners are presented with general suggestions and cases where they can start to populate users, create policies, and  construct other scenarios that they may not want to attempt in their production systems or explore features and functions not currently licensed to them. Experience in this lab environment can also help prepare for RSA certification.



This On-Demand lab enables students to explore RSA SecurID Access as both system administrator and end user. All available features are included in this lab environment, along with a lab guide that offers general instructions for completing some of the more commonly performed actions. Case studies are  presented to offer suggestions for configurations and scenarios to help learners get started and inspire further self-guided investigation of features and  functions. Learners access RSA University’s hands-on virtual lab environment that is equipped with a
variety of hosts to perform



  • RSA Customers
  • RSA Partners
  • RSA Internal Staff


Delivery Type

On-Demand Lab (self-paced eLearning with Lab)



20 hrs


Note: RSA University’s on-demand lab environment is provided for 20 hours of overall practice time over a 14-day period.


Accessing the Lab Environment

Lab exercises are performed in the RSA University virtual lab environment. The downloadable Lab Guide provides detailed instructions on access the environment. For more information please view the document Access RSA University Virtual Labs – available on the RSA University site: RSA University Content


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate the RSA SecurID Access administration interface
  • Understand the connections to identity sources
  • Understand configurations to control access to authentication agents and applications
  • Know how to associate users with authentication methods
  • Know how to create system activity reports


Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Intent of the course and how it is organized
    • Referencing additional resources (RSAU courseware; RSA Link resources)
    • Access the lab guide
    • Request a lab environment
    • Understand the time (number of hours/days) provided by the lab environment (and how to purchase more hours if needed)
  • Basic Implementation
    • Know the minimal steps to implement authentication through RSA Authentication Manager (AM) and the Cloud Authentication Service (CAS)
    • User population (AM internal DB; External Id Sources)
    • Authentication agent/Application Portal configuration
    • Cloud Authentication Service access policy configuration
    • Authentication method-to-user association
    • Authentication testing
  • Organizing an Infrastructure
    • Options for segmenting an RSA Authentication Manager hierarchy
    • Security Domains, User Groups, Policies, and administrative delegation
    • Options for segmenting the Cloud Authentication Service
    • Access policies, trusted networks/locations, Application Portal access and administrative accounts
  • Transition to Cloud Authentication
    • Configure cross-platform authentication
    • Manage and apply MFA authentication to traditional authentication agents
  • Providing User Self-Service
    • Configure parameters and control for RSA Authentication Manager Self-Service Console
    • User-facing options, request and approval workflows
    • Configure and control access to the Cloud Authentication Service My Page portal
    • RSA SecurID Authenticate app registration
    • FIDO authenticator registration
  • System Reporting
  • Wrapping Up





On-Demand Lab Details




In order to register for a class, you need to first

create a Dell Education account If you need further assistance, contact us