RSA Announces Planned Update to RDR Reports in Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 14.1.13

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RSA will be introducing a change to all of the Raw Data Reports (RDR) in the upcoming Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 14.1.13 release, which is currently scheduled to EU Production on Sunday, October 18th, 2020 and US Production on Sunday, October 25th.

Note: These changes will be available to be tested in UAT on Sunday, September 21st, 2020.



The changes to the Raw Data Reports (RDR), in the upcoming Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 14.1.13 release, relate to the format of data containing pipe (|) characters and comma (,) characters, such as ABC, DEF | GHI. When creating an RDR with a pipe (|) delimiter or comma (,) delimiter, quotation marks are added around the entire text string that includes the pipe (|) or comma (,) characters, such as "ABC, DEF | GHI". This ensures the data is displayed correctly in the reports.


In addition, whenever the data contains backslash (\) or quotation mark (") characters, an extra backslash character will be inserted before these characters. For example, AB"C will be changed to "AB\"C" and DE\F will be changed to "DE\\F".


To prepare for this release, RSA advises that you verify whether you have any processes or automations based on the current format of the RDR, which contain  pipe (|), comma (,), backslash (\), or quotation mark (") characters and could be affected by this update. If you do, you will have to change these processes before the Adaptive Authentication (Cloud) 14.1.13 release.

Note: When using the content contained in an RDR with a third party tool, such as Windows File Loader Utility, ensure these added quotation marks are excluded from the text string. Otherwise, you can encounter an error.


If you have any questions, contact either your Service Account Manager or RSA Technical Support.


For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA Adaptive Authentication page on RSA Link.


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