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Live: MetaCallback Feeds

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Sep 8, 2020Last modified by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Nov 11, 2020
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You can use CIDR index ranges for IPv4 and IPv6 in custom MetaCallback feeds. As with other custom feeds, you must create feed data file in .csv format, and a feed definition file in .xml format.

Note: Using MetaCallback feeds with CIDR index ranges is supported only through the Advanced Configuration wizard or the REST interface.

The following example shows the contents of both a .csv file and an .xml file for a MetaCallback feed using CIDR index ranges for IPv4 or IPv6.


Note: To configure a CIDR index range for feeds with single or multiple MetaCallbacks of value type IPv4 or IPv6, the field of type index MUST contain a range attribute with range="cidr". Also, configuring "cidr" index ranges for feeds with MetaCallbacks of multiple different value types is not supported.

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