000039199 - How to replace the battery of a H730P mini raid controller card in Series 5 Hybrid appliance (R730XD) of RSA NetWitness Platform

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Article Number000039199
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA NetWitness Platform
RSA Product/Service Type: Series 5 Hybrid appliance (R730XD)
RSA Version/Condition: 11.x
IssueSeries 5 Hybrid appliance (R730XD) is not bootable.
"Waiting for POWERPACK to get Completely charged" message occur during boot.
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And cannot see disk information from iDRAC.
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ResolutionThe battery on PERC raid controller must be replaced.

Battery Location

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Replacement steps

NOTE: It is recommended that you always use a static mat and static strap while working on components inside the system.

  1. Turn off the system, including any attached peripherals, and disconnect the system from the electrical outlet and peripherals.
  2. Open the system.
  3. Locate the HBA card on the system board.
  4. To disconnect the storage controller cable:
        a. Remove the two screws that secure the cable to the card.
        b. Grasp the cable on both sides of the cable connector, and pull the cable up and away from the HBA card.
  5. Angle the card so that the other end of the card disengages from the storage-controller cardholder on the system board.
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  6. Disconnect the battery cable from the PERC card.
  7. Pull the battery carrier until the tabs on the battery carrier disengage from the PERC card.
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  8. Pull the battery out of the battery carrier.
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  9. Align the replacement battery with the guides on the battery carrier.
  10. Lower the battery into the carrier until the battery clicks into place.
  11. Align the tabs on the battery carrier with the slots on the PERC9 mini monolithic controller and lower the battery carrier till it clicks into place.
  12. Connect the battery cable to the PERC card.
  13. Locate the storage controller card retention hook on the system board and insert the end of the card at an angle into the storage controller retention hook.
    CAUTION: To prevent damage to the card, you must hold the card by its edges only.

  14. Lower the storage controller card to align the screw holes on the card with the screw holes on the connector.
  15. Connect the storage controller cable:
        a. Grasp the cable on both sides of the cable connector and connect to the HBA card.
        b. Tighten the screws to secure the cable and the card to the system board.
  16. Connect the SAS data cable connector to the card.
    NOTE: Ensure that you connect the cable according to the connector labels on the cable. The cable does not function properly if reversed.

  17. Route the SAS data cable through the clip on the card and through the channel on the inner side of the chassis.
  18. Attach the connector labeled "SAS A" to connector SAS A on the backplane, and attach the connector labeled "SAS B" to connector SAS B on the backplane.
  19. Close the system.
  20. Reconnect the system to its electrical outlet and turn the system on, including any attached peripherals.
NotesReference: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/19/poweredge-rc-h730p/perc9ugpublication/replacing-the-battery-of-a-h730p-mini-monolithic-card?guid=guid-9ed54f87-1e07-4457-aba0-c5a9f1afccf2&lang=en-us