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Sybase, Inc. was an enterprise software and services company that produced software to manage and analyze information in relational databases, with facilities located in California and Massachusetts. Sybase was acquired by SAP in 2010; SAP ceased using the Sybase name in 2014.


This integration with RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle, allows organisations to automatically collect access control list (ACL) data (who has access to what), identity data, role data and also directly provision/de-provision access too. You can also use AD for authentication purposes.


Once the integratoin of the products is completed, there are then futher solutions which can be applied to add even more value, quickly and easily, such as specific AD Dashboards and solution guides from RSA PS.

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle include and Out the Box "OTB" application Wizard for Microsoft Active Director. This should be used where possible, as it will save time and effort in the configuration.


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Sybase-SAP FINAL logo.pngSAP SYBASE Summary


Page Contents:


Summary - Collector (Governance) Capabilities

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle - Sybase Collector Datasheet Available
App Roles


Summary - Connector (Lifecycle) Capabilities

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle - Sybase Connector Datasheet Available
Create an Account
Delete an Account
Create Login
Delete Login
Reset an Account Password
Update an Account
Add Account to Group
Remove Account from Group
Add Role to Account
Remove Role from Account
Create a Group
Delete a Group
Enable Role
Disable Role

Add Role to Role

Remove Role from Role
Change Role Profile

Summary - Identity Capabilities


Note: Capabilities are always being updated, please check the documentation and comment below if something is not listed, which is required.


Other useful Resources / What Next:

ResourceRSA CertifiedOwnerCostDetails


Detailed Guides

To learn more, please find attached the detailed guides:


For Additional Support

 For additional Professional Services support, if needed to implement this solution, please contact your local account rep.