000039382 - Missing months in "Refine By" filter in Archer

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Oct 21, 2020
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Article Number000039382
Applies To
Product Set:  Archer 
   Product/Service Type: RSA Archer (On-Premise)/ RSA Archer (SaaS/Hosted)
   Version/Condition: 6.6 and later
   Platform: Windows Server 2012 R2/ Windows Server 2016/ Windows Server 2019


The Refine By pane under the landing application does not include all the month for the date field. For instance, if you have a date field with the range of dates [Jan, Feb, Mar,..... Dec/2019], you will notice some of the months are not displaying under the Refine By pane.  In the below example the February month is missing:
User-added image

The Refine By pane allows you to apply filters directly from the Search Results page. The filters available include any of the following field types displayed in the primary application:
  1. Values List
  2. Cross-reference
  3. Related Records
  4. Record Permission
  5. User and Groups Lists
  6. Date
  7. First Published
  8. Last Updated
  9. Numeric Ranges
When working with the Refine By pane, consider the following:

  1. The Refine By pane does not include fields that are:

    1. Filtered in the original search.
    2. Encrypted.
  2. Any field type that is included in the Refine By pane is limited to the top 100 unique values for that field in the current result set. The top 100 results that are displayed are determined as follows:
    1. Most results are ordered by record count, beginning with greatest amount of records found that meet the selected criteria.
    2. Date fields are grouped by Month or Day, and ordered by most recent.
    3. Hierarchical Values list fields contain the top 100 of each generation available, with a maximum of three generations.
  3. Refine By filters display in a hierarchical tree. Total counts for values in a Hierarchical Values List are inclusive of all the parent and child values.
  4. All field types show only values that are in the current result set.
  5. Selections within fields are paired using the OR operator. For example, in the Risk Rating field, selecting Medium and High returns all results with either a Medium or High Risk Rating.
  6. Filters between fields are paired using the AND operator. For example, selecting filters in Risk Rating for Medium and High, then selecting a Last Scan Date of March 2017, and selecting the State as California, returns results with either a Medium or High Risk Rating, with a Last Scan Date of March 2017, and with California selected.
  7. For all field types except Date, First Published, and Last Updated, the filter for each field is converted to a Contains filter with all selections. For Date, First Published, and Last Updated, the filter for each selection is converted to a Between filter for the first of the Month until the last day of the Month. The Between filters for each selection are paired together using the OR operator.

Each field in the faceted pane is limited to the top 100 distinct values by design for performance and usability reasons. The intent of facets is to provide quick insight into the distribution of data across the fields and records you are displaying in the current result set. The values in each field are based only on values in the data and the results are typically sorted descending by count. Date fields are the exception as they are sorted descending by Month-Year combinations.

The faceted pane is not intended to be an alternative to a Statistical Search but the statistical search can be used to display all the months, for instance if you have a date field with the range of dates [Jan, Feb, Mar,..... Dec/2019]. As you can see from blow the Statistic Search are displaying all the Month-Year combinations.

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  1. Detailed information about the "Refine By" functionality can be obtained by clicking the Question mark "?" For help within Archer, and typing "Refine By Pane Properties" and clicking the first topic that comes up.
  2. To view the details of the changes, you may refer to this blog in the community: https://community.rsa.com/community/products/archer-grc/archer-customer-partner-community/blog/2019/02/20/upcoming-updates-to-default-search-zzaka-record-browser-replacement
  3. You may consider vote for the following ideas: