000039300 - How to resolve the "The validation message not found. The message key is validationmessagetemplates: ContentReviewSelectedFieldDifferentLevel" legacy Workflow in Archer

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Oct 27, 2020
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Article Number000039300
Applies ToProduct Set: Archer
Platform: Windows 
Version/Condition: 6.x
IssueUnable to make updates in the legacy workflow. Clicking Save or Apply button results in a warning being shown:

CauseRecord permissions field being used as the Default Assignee field in the legacy workflow stage has been deleted.
ResolutionTo resolve the issue, the workflow must be recreated.

Run the script to update the Record Permissions field in the Default Assignees on the legacy workflow stage.
  1. In the Application Manager >> Application Name >> Workflow, get the stage name/s with empty "default assignees" field. 
    empty default assignees field
  2. Go to the database /sql server. Run the succeeding scripts against the Archer instance database. 
    NOTE: Take a backup of the Instance Database prior to running the scripts below.
  3. Replace Application Name with the name of the application that we are having issues saving the legacy workflow. Get the stage_id.

    select *
    from tblContentReviewStage
    where stage_name like '%Application Name%';

  4. Get the stage_rule_id. Replace XX with the stage_id value from step 3.

    select *
    from tblStageRule
    where stage_id=XX

  5. From the Archer UI, create a new record permissions field to assign to the stage with an empty "default assignees" field. If the field is already existing, get the field id shown on the lower right-hand part of the screen by hovering on the field name. 
    Replace XXXXX with the field id and YYY with the stage_rule_id from step 4.

    update tblXStageRuleUGField
    set field_id=XXXXX
    where stage_rule_id=YYY

  6. If you have multiple stages with an empty default assignee field, then repeat steps 1-6.
  7. You may continue to modify/update the legacy workflow. If there are records enrolled in the legacy workflow:
    Option 1: Complete the legacy workflow process.
    Option 2: Delete the records, if allowed.
    Option 3: Delete all the enrolled records by running the script below. Replace XX with the stage_id value from step 3.

    delete from tblEnrolledContent;
    where stage_id=XX