000039429 - NwHost update failing with ports unavailable error

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Nov 6, 2020
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Article Number000039429
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA NetWitness Platform
RSA Product/Service Type: Core Appliance
RSA Version/Condition:
Platform: CentOS
O/S Version: 7
IssueWhen below update command ran in NwAdminServer for nwhost update that fails with below error.

upgrade-cli-client --upgrade --host-addr <nwhostIP> --version

2020-10-27 09:41:18.108  INFO 42330 --- [main] c.r.n.i.o.client.LaunchHelper: Task [prepare host '' for upgrade ''] running (polling 597 more times)...
2020-10-27 09:41:30.146 ERROR 42330 --- [main] c.r.n.i.o.client.OrchestrationClient: Task [prepare host '' for upgrade ''] stopped with errors!
2020-10-27 09:41:30.147 ERROR 42330 --- [main] c.r.n.i.o.c.OrchestrationApplication: Requested operation failed, aborting...
[2020-10-27T09:41:30+00:00] <42327> (ERROR) Failed, aborting...
[2020-10-27T09:41:30+00:00] <42157> (ERROR) Failed, aborting...

NwAdminServer /var/log/netwitness/orchestration-server/orchestration-server.log

2020-10-27 09:41:21,513 [cfg-mgmt-0] ERROR TaskManagement|Execution of '5f97eb32a7a95b14e69888d8' failed
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Pre-update check failed on host 42f84310-f0f3-41ab-925d-adc0b9241e05, required ports unavailable for communication
CauseThis error is due to the salt-minion service stopped in NwHost.
ResolutionPlease follow the below instructions to complete the update.
  1. Login to putty of NwHost and start salt-minion service using below command.
    systemctl start salt-minion.service
  2. Run update below command again in NwAdminServer to complete update successfully.
    upgrade-cli-client --upgrade --host-addr <nwhostIP> --version