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Upgrade Guide 11.5.2: Upgrade Preparation Tasks

Document created by RSA Information Design and Development Employee on Jan 7, 2021
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Complete the following tasks to prepare for the upgrade to NetWitness Platform

Task 1. (Conditional) Upgrade External Repository

Note: Perform the below steps only if you are using an external repository for 11.5.2.

To upgrade the external repository which is an externally managed server:

Upgrade the external repository with the latest upgrade content for the RSA

For information about setting up an external repository, see "Appendix B. Set Up External Repo" in the 11.5 Upgrade Guide for RSA NetWitness Platform. The following instructions assume that you already have an external repository set up. Go to the Master Table of Contents to find all RSA NetWitness Platform 11.x documents.

Task 2. (Optional) Remove Legacy Package Repositories

Perform this task to free up space by removing unused repositories from previous releases from your system.

  1. Determine the version of the oldest NetWitness Platform host in your environment by reviewing the host list in the Admin user interface, or by running the following command on the NW Server: upgrade-cli-client --list
  2. You can safely remove all legacy package repository folders located at /var/netwitness/common/repo/<version> on the NW Server for all versions prior the baseline major release version of the oldest active host in the environment.
    • If the oldest host version is 11.5.x.x (for example,, you can safely remove 11.0.x.x, 11.1.x.x, 11.2.x.x,11.3.x.x, and 11.4.x.x repository folders. However, do not remove repository versions greater than or equal to
    • If the oldest host version is 11.3.x.x, you can safely remove 11.0.x.x, 11.1.x.x, and 11.2.x.x repository folders. However, do not remove repository versions greater than or equal to

Task 3. (Optional) Ensure that Any Respond Normalization Script Customizations Are in the Custom Files

Note: This task applies to upgrades from NetWitness Platform version 11.4.x.x to

For upgrades from 11.4.x.x to 11.5.x.x, there are no backups of the normalization script files since customizations are added to separate custom_normalize script files. These script files are in the /var/lib/netwitness/respond-server/scripts directory. If you have any customizations, add them to the normalization files with the custom prefix.

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