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The purpose of this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is to provide information regarding the initiative/project to migrate the RSA Link website from the current Jive-x platform to the best-in-class Khoros Communities platform in 2021.

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This section addresses questions relating to the migration timeline.


**Update** In order to perform additional quality assurance checks to ensure the new platform meets all expectations, the launch has been postponed until Friday, February 26th.


When will the migration occur?

The RSA Link website will be migrated to its new platform in mid-February, beginning on February 18th and extending through the weekend.  During this time, the content, users, permissions and other assets on the current platform will be replicated on the new platform.  The cutover to the new platform (at which point the URL will direct to the new website) will take place on Tuesday, February 23rd.


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Will the current website still be active during the migration?

Yes, you will still be able to access the current website throughout the entirety of the migration, even in the days leading up to the cutover.  However, it is important to note that a moratorium will be in effect starting February 18th at midnight PST until February 23rd where any new content (e.g. discussion threads, blog posts, etc.) posted to the website will not be automatically migrated to the new platform.



Will new users be able to register during the moratorium period?

Yes, however the registration portal will be undergoing maintenance in parallel during the moratorium period in order for it to be compatible with the new platform.  As such, there may be intermittent periods between February 18th and February 23rd where the registration portal is temporarily unavailable.


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User Accounts

This section addresses questions relating to user accounts.


Will I have to register again on the new website?

No, your user will be migrated to the new platform along with all of its profile information, metrics, content associates, permissions, etc.


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Will I still be shown as the author of my content?

Yes, all of the content you created (e.g. discussion threads, blog posts, documents, videos, etc.) including comments and replies will be preserved on the new platform and you will continue to be listed as the respective author or contributor and your participation metrics (e.g. content and view counts, etc.) will similarly be preserved.


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Do I still have to display my full name on posts and comments?

No, unlike the current platform, the new platform leverages customizable usernames to identify users throughout the websites and on the community forums.  By default (because usernames currently do not exist) all usernames will be a combination of their first and last names (e.g. "John Doe" will become "JohnDoe") but you will be given the opportunity to update your username to something custom upon logging in for the first time.


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Will I retain my gamification (i.e. participation) points and badged?

Because it is a brand new website and experience, gamification points cannot feasibly be transferred to the new platform. However, there are plans to honor legacy users from the current platform with a special badge to indicate their prior accomplishments.  New badges and ranks have also been introduced that will greatly enhance the gamification experience.


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This section addresses questions relating to authentication on the new platform.


Will I have to reset my password to log in to the new website?

No, you will have the same login information (username and password) as you had in the previous site.


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This section addresses questions relating to registration on the new platform



How can new users register on the new platform?

It is the same process as it was with the old site. Go to and follow the steps onscreen to register as a new user.


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Support Cases

This section addresses questions relating to Support Cases on the new platform



Will the support case management process change in the new platform?

Yes there have been some changes in the new platform but it will now be much easier to use. It will be built directly into RSA Link and will have a more modern design as well as an improved user experience. On the new platform you can easily view your own cases and your team's cases.


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Will I still have access to the old case management portal?

Those that register for RSA Link prior to Feb 23rd will still have access to the old case portal for a brief time, but new users will not.




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Advisories & Subscriptions

This section addresses questions relating to advisories and subscription on the new platform



Will I still be subscribed (i.e. "following") the same pages and content?

No, with the exception of product advisories, you will need to re-subscribe to any pages/content where you wish to receive email notifications.


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Will I have the ability to manage my email subscriptions?

Yes, all users will have an easy-to-use interface for managing all subscriptions


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Can I opt-out of receiving advisory notifications?

Yes, though it is strongly recommended that you receive email notifications for product advisories, you will have the option to opt-out if you desire.




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Access & Permissions

This section addresses questions relating to access and permissions on the new platform



How can I learn more about the new platform and how to use it

Leading up to the launch, check this document periodically as it will be updated with more information about the new platform.


Following the migration on February 23rd, you can visit the "Getting Started" page for tutorials and other useful information. The tutorials posted in the "Getting Started" page will also be promoted on the new website's home page.


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What should I do if I experience issues accessing the new platform?

If you are experiencing any issues while accessing the new platform then use the form at to get help from RSA Support.


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