RSA Archer 5.3 Calculations Technical Overview

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Released: 10/2012


The Calculations feature in the Platform enables administrators to create formulas for dynamically computing one or more values of Numeric, Text, Date, and Values List fields. The formula of a calculated field can be dependent on the results of other calculations. Calculated field formulas can also reference field values in other applications, enabling powerful cross-module calculations.

  • Among many customized uses, calculated fields can be used to:
  • Produce weighted risk scores for risk assessments.
  • Display the number of days remaining before a critical deadline.
  • Develop complex workflow processes using a series of if-then statement to direct the flow of data.


The Platform has an extensive library of functions and operators that administrators can select when building a formula for a calculated field.


This document describes the calculation process and execution. Additionally, best practices and troubleshooting tips for using formulas are included.