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Matches an IP address to CIDR without using a feed.


Typically a feed is used to match IP addresses to netblocks.  However, if using CIDR notation only certain keys are supported when using a feed.


This is a parser which will match IP address to CIDR notation and register the result - whether the key is formatted as an IPv4 (32-bit int) or Text (string).




There are now two files:


"cidr.lua" is the parser itself


"cidr_csv" is a 'module' file


No longer requires editing the parser itself.  Instead, keys to match on, values to match, keys to register upon a match, and values to register are all loaded from the module file.


Now supports registering multiple key/values upon a match instead of just one.


Subnet definitions (cidr, values to register) support a csv-like format which should be much easier to drop into the module.