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Use Case for Audit Management



Archer® Issues Management lays the foundation for your IRM program to manage issues generated by multiple groups, such as audit, risk and compliance. The use case includes the Business Hierarchy to establish the corporate structure and accountability, and workflow and reporting to manage findings, remediation plans and exceptions.


With RSA Archer Issues Management, you can create a coordinated and consolidated view into known issues. An organized, managed process to escalate issues provides visibility into ownership through your established chains of command. Workflow for proper sign-off and approval of issues, remediation plans, and exceptions ensures identified issues are well managed. As a result, your organization will realize quicker resolution to emerging issues, creating a more secure and resilient environment while reducing costs.


Key Features

  • Consolidated issues management process
  • Consolidated and coordinated lists of remediation plans and findings from risk, compliance, audits and other assessments
  • Managed exceptions with appropriate risk sign-off/acceptance


Key Benefits

With RSA Archer Issues Management, you will see:

  • Reduced time to resolution on audit, risk and compliance issues
  • Improved staffing management for remediating issues
  • Reduction of overtime/reactive overload for business operations and IT responding to issues
  • Reduced repeat findings
  • Reduced overall risk



  • None required


For More Information

To learn more about RSA Archer Issues Management:


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