RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring

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Use Case for Public Sector Solutions




RSA Archer® Continuous Monitoring serves as a hub for many types of scanners and sensors, allowing organizations to build an aggregate risk view at any level of the enterprise. At the lowest end, individual defects can be monitored and scored. Defects are aggregated at each level of the hierarchy, from the individual device up to the department level. In this way, a risk score can be designated at any level and the amount of relative risk introduced can be measured. This allows resources to be focused on the remediation efforts that will provide the greatest benefit.


RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring enables faster, more targeted response to emerging risks. Staff can mitigate findings in the order in which they will most reduce risk. When used in tandem with the RSA Archer Assessment & Authorization use case, RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring enhances your FISMA, OMB and other regulatory compliance activities by verifying that information systems are abiding by authorization agreements and operating within acceptable levels of risk. This provides a more secure environment and more insight to make better, more informed risk decisions.


Key Features

  • Current, authoritative hardware and software inventories
  • Current defect libraries
  • Integration of scanners and sensors into common environment, in common format
  • Scoring and ranking algorithms for each defect, device, and layer of the organizational hierarchy
  • Defect tracking and remediation


Key Benefits

With RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring provides, organizations can:

  • Reduce exposure time
  • Reduce risk overall
  • Increase visibility / better decision making
  • More current risk data
  • Increase assurance (and confidence based on current data)



  • None required


For More Information

To learn more about RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring:


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