RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 16.5

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The RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce v16.5 solution is a comprehensive authentication and fraud detection solution for the eCommerce market. The solution is based on the 3DSecure protocol (Verified By Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey) and is powered by risk-based authentication, an intelligent system that authenticates users by measuring a series of risk indicators. This transparent authentication provides for a unique user experience as customers are only challenged in the highest risk scenarios.




 Version 16.5 introduces the following functional and technical enhancements:




Case Management Export Enhancements


In the Case Management application, on the Case List Page, RSA has improved the data format recognition for exporting cases to MS Excel.


¥ The Date field is recognized as a date.


¥ The following fields are now recognized as text fields:


    - PAN


    - Merchant Name


    - Currency


    - IP Address


    - IP Country


    - Case Status


    - ECI Code


For more information about exporting cases to Excel, see the ""RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce Back Office Applications Users Guide"".




Sort Cases in Case Management


To improve efficiency in the Case Management application, a fraud analyst can sort case-related transactions according to Case Status. Blocked transactions are displayed before non-blocked transactions.




Mark Account Already Reported in the Case Management Application 


To increase efficency in the Case Management application, when a case is marked in the Update Case Status section as Account Already Reported, the Mark next new cases for PAN as reported checkbox is selected by default and all subsequent cases created for the PAN are marked as Account Already Reported in the Case Management application.




Sort by Integer in Columns in the Web Reports Application


To improve efficiency in the Web Reports application, columns that contain integers are now sorted by number.




Transaction Analysis Reports


For more accurate calculations in the Transactions Analysis reports, the percentage values for Failed Auth transactions now include decimal digits and add up to 100 percent.




RDR Activity Log Characters 


To improve efficiency, problematic characters, such as the column separator (pipe)| character and non-printing white-space characters, are removed from the Activity Log RDR (Raw Data Report) tables.




Improved Consumer Environment Mapping for Risk Assessment


For improved unification and to extract a consistent set of environment attributes, RSA Adaptive Authentication has merged multiple interactions into a single interaction with the consumer browser. Environment attributes are used in the e-Commerce transaction lifecycle to assess the associated risk of a transaction. Improving consistency prevents scenarios of relatively higher risk due to partial extraction of the consumer environmental attributes.




Enhanced Chargeback Mechanism


Chargeback loading is the mechanism through which an issuing bank updates RSA Adaptive Authentication about chargeback claims it is handling. This data is submitted to the RSA Risk Engine to improve the accuracy of the calls. RSA has enhanced the chargeback loading algorithm to reduce the need for manual intervention, to provide faster overall elapsed time for chargeback processing and to improve chargeback statistics.




eFraudNetwork v3.0


RSA eFraudNetwork v3.0 has introduced improved logic and data analytics to enable enhanced fraud prevention while maintaining low false positives ratio. RSA eFraudNetwork v3.0 has also introduced improved infrastructure to enable better availability and performance of the RSA eFraudNetwork processes.


RSA eFraudNetwork v3.0 will be deployed in production in active mode for Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce Products Solutions on January 12.




Security Enhancements


RSA has addressed several security related issues found by an external audit, improving the overall security of the service and the protection of sensitive data.