RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the availability of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0

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New in this Version

RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0 includes the following new features and enhancements.


Enhanced Hosted Platform

RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0 utilizes an advanced technology stack deployed over a new, elastic hosting environment to scale capacity, provide high availability, and improve response times. A newly designed, tiered database lessens the impact of offline tasks on the online risk-assessment process, allowing improved availability of online risk assessment.


Enhanced Fraud Detection

The following new features are designed to enhance fraud detection capability.

Back Coloring. The back-coloring process replaces the Offline Risk Engine (ORE). Back coloring is a scheduled offline process that reevaluates the risk levels of past transactions. The back-coloring process uses a list of confirmed and suspected fraud events marked in the Case Management application, and the latest list from the RSA eFraudNetwork, to color end user historical activities that originate from the same fraudulent IP, cookie, device fingerprint, payee, or Flash shared object (FSO). Based on a threshold of the number of flagged events, cases are opened for high-risk back-colored activities.

Sharing Mobile Device Identifiers in the eFraudNetwork. In RSA Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0, mobile device identifiers are shared in the RSA eFraudNetwork in addition to desktop device information.

Device Identification Module. A device assurance level is included in the Policy Management application and Case Management application to provide additional flexibility in policy creation and case management. The device assurance level derives from the new device identification module, which dynamically determines if the end user has previously used a desktop or mobile device. The device assurance level calculation is based on new and adaptive device identification techniques, which dynamically assign weights to device elements.


Enhanced Back Office Applications

New and enhanced features in the Back Office applications provide additional functionality for the organization to manage the system, analyze fraud and lower the TCO.  The Back Office applications include the following enhancements:

Administration Console. A new Back Office application, that replaces the FI Load tool, allows customers to view and modify their business configuration.

Policy Manager Application. Enhancements provide the user with functionality within the Policy Manager application, to create and manage custom facts and custom event types.

- Reports Application. A new set of reports replaces web reports provided in prior versions of Adaptive Authentication (Hosted).  The Reports application provides enhanced visualization, usability and management.


Upgrade Information

Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0 and Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x are hosted in different environments which are maintained in parallel, allowing for a gradual upgrade to Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0. Unlike in previous upgrades, the upgrade from Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x to Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0 will not be implemented automatically for all Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) customers.  For information about the upgrade, see the RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 Upgrade Guide in the Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.0 documentation set.

To arrange for the upgrade, contact an RSA account representative.

To ensure uninterrupted use of the Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) product, the customer is requested to complete the upgrade to Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 12.x, prior to the end-of-life of Adaptive Authentication 11.x in Q4-2016, or before the end of any one-year extended support agreement.


End-of-Life Announcement for Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x


Adaptive Authentication (Hosted) 11.x reaches end-of-life in Q4-2016, with extended support available for one additional year.


UAT Availability



The UAT environment is available from November 3, 2014.

The product documentation is available. See the Obtaining Documentation section in this notification. 


For more information, contact an RSA account representative.