RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces deployment of RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0

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WhatÕs New in this Version 


RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:




Software as a Service


In contrast to RSA Adaptive Authentication 11.x that was performed as a traditional managed service, RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 delivers RSAÕs globally deployed, proven Risk Based Authentication and Fraud Detection platform within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 provides enhanced features and functionality as an advanced technology stack deployed over an elastic cloud environment to scale capacity, provide high availability, and improve response times.




Enhanced Fraud Detection


The following new features are designed to enhance RSA Adaptive AuthenticationÕs 12.0 fraud detection capabilities.


- Back Coloring. Back coloring is an advanced process that allows the re-evaluation of risk levels of past transactions based on current activity. The back coloring process uses confirmed and suspected fraud events marked in the Case Management application and the RSA eFraudNetwork to ""color"" end-user historical activities. Based on a threshold of the number of flagged events, new fraud cases are opened for back colored activities.


- Sharing Mobile Device Identifiers in the RSA eFraudNetwork. Mobile device identifiers are shared in the RSA eFraudNetwork in addition to desktop device information. This sharing enhances fraud detection rates and ensures that RSAÕs customers benefit from knowledge of global fraudulent activity.


- Device Assurance Level. The device assurance level indicates the probability that the user has used a specific device in the past. The algorithms that determine the device assurance level provide more accurate device identification by using mobile device identifiers and dynamic weights, and taking missing values into account. Using these new techniques, 12.0 is able to accurately identify a device even if a cookie is not sent.




Enhanced Back Office Applications


RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 includes redesigned Back Office applications. New and enhanced features allow you to manage, configure, and operate the system, analyze fraud cases, and create more powerful policies. These enhancements are designed to lower the total cost of ownership. The Back Office applications include the following enhancements:


- Administration Console. A new application replaces the FI Load tool, allowing customers to view and modify their business configurations in real time without the need to engage RSA Professional Services.


- Policy Management Application. You can now create and manage custom facts and custom event types. The Policy Management enhancements are designed to improve clarity and ease in developing rules.


- Reports Application. The new Reports application replaces web reports for enhanced visualization, usability and management.




Security Enhancements


RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 includes several security enhancements including new password policy requirements and IP address white lists to control which IP addresses can send web service requests.




Migration Information


RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 and RSA Adaptive Authentication 11.x are operated in different environments. Currently, RSA will continue to operate both environments in parallel. After receiving RSAÕs approval, customers will be allowed to gradually migrate from 11.x to 12.0. Unlike in previous upgrades, the migration from RSA Adaptive Authentication 11.x to 12.0 will not be implemented automatically. For information about the migration, see the RSA Adaptive Authentication Upgrade Guide in the RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 documentation. To obtain more details on the migration process, please contact your RSA account representative.





  RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 was launched on April 16, 2015.  RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 is initially being deployed in the US only, to selected pre-approved RSA customers. The RSA Adaptive Authentication 12.0 User Acceptance Testing environment is generally available. The UAT environment allows approved RSA customers to prepare for and test 12.0 immediately.