RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of Adaptive Authentication (On-Premise) 7.1

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Adaptive Authentication (On-Premise) 7.1 introduces several new enhancements including:

  • Additional platform certification (Detailed Support Matrix is listed below)
  • Localization and internationalization
  • Back office applications enhancements

In addition, this release includes the new features introduced in RSA Adaptive Authentication (On-Premise) 7.0:

  • Trojan Defense: Advanced detection capabilities to defend against some of the most malicious and costly trojans such as Man in the Middle (MITM) and Man in the Browser (MITB) that enable proxy attacks, HTML injections, and auto-fill of payee and transfer fields.
  • Mobile Channel Protection Enhancements: Automatic detection of the channel used (mobile vs. web) as well as an improved and dedicated risk model for mobile activity enhanced by location awareness and additional mobile device identifiers.
  • RSA Mobile SDK Support: Support of the RSA supplied Mobile SDK providing the ability to easily build an Adaptive Authentication protected application, leveraging on the new mobile device identifiers and location awareness for risk assessment.
  • ATM Channel Protection: Risk assessment of ATM activities based on ATM-specific data, as well as cross channel activity. Policy rules can then be defined to review cases within Case Management to have visibility into ATM channel fraud.
  • New Policy Management Application: A brand new Policy Management application introducing a new user interface with improved policy editing, change management, policy testing capabilities and much more.
  • Case Management API: A new API that allows you to extract information from the Case Management application and investigate it in an external system. Once the investigation is complete the API allows you to update Adaptive Authentication with the resolution of each investigation.
  • eFraudNetwork Enhancements: On-Premise deployments can now also retrieve Mule Accounts and Device Fingerprints from the eFraudNetwork (in addition to IP addresses).
  • External Identity Provider Framework: The framework, based on the Spring Security Framework, allows you to use a Custom Provider to manage Authentication and Authorization for Back Office users external to the Adaptive Authentication Access Management application.
  • Out-of-the-box Authentication Methods Enhancements:       
    • Out-of-Band (OOB) Phone Call Forwarding Detection: In the event that call forwarding is detected, Adaptive Authentication (On-Premise) denies the authentication and indicates that call forwarding occurred during the Out-of-Band phone authentication. This capability is only applicable in the US.
    • Out-of-Band (OOB) SMS Authentication: Provides another layer of security to help mitigate against advanced Trojan attacks and other threats. If a login or transaction is considered risky, RSA sends a one-time password to the userÕs mobile phone as an SMS text message. The user then enters the password in the device to authenticate the online activity.
    • RSA Identity Verification, from Lexis Nexis: Challenges users with a series of top-of-mind questions obtained by scanning billions of records in dozens of publicly and commercially available data sources. Dynamic Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) logically develops correct and incorrect answers in real time, and automatically adjusts the difficulty of the questions based on the level of risk associated with the identity.

Adaptive Authentication 7.1 includes a clean install and also supports a direct upgrade from the following versions:

  • SP2
  • SP3
  • SP3 P4
  • 7.0



For more details please see the ""WhatÕs New"" document.






For the full list of supported platforms see the ""Release Notes"" document for the version.

  • Operating Systems: Windows Server, AIX, Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • Application Server: Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • Database: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server


  RSA Adaptive Authentication (On Premise) 7.1 is available for{set_url: 9858}